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for fellow gun nuts and conservation fans....

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Ohhh, I see. It's not 8 bores like I thought, it's more like it would be 8 gauge if it were a shotgun. Right? That was quite a bang, and the guy shooting almost got knocked on his butt. Heh!

Most of the markings that would have made the carbine more collectible and readily identifiable as GI or not have been ground/sanded off. Those who know can tell, but... Yeah. Still, it doesn't matter to me, really. I don't intend to sell it yet, so value is unimportant, except sentimental value. Dory left it for me, so, I'll take care of it, and learn something new and meet new friends in the process.
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Yup it sure is a good one dont know why so many people think guns are a problem like I told lil stinkpot.

Guns dont kill people, People kill people
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Very nice guns rattler! The artwork is beautiful. I'm sure it was a real pleasure shooting the 303, great looking gun.

This solves all those cartridge ejection issues, be it down the shirt or across the face. It's a heavy gun, but that's nice when firing this round. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBGKi0OTDb8
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bore=guage.....generally when its a smooth bore they refer to them as 8 gauges when rifled its an 8 bore...the term refers to how many pure lead balls sized to muzzel diameter it takes to make a pound....8 bore=8 lead balls at bore size to make a pound.....but this is rough as there is alot of variation between makers....especially with muzzle loaders....

Andrew, had seen that before but havent heard much about it since the first time i saw it....
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this is more in line with my normal purchases....think i paid around $460 for it plus another $35 for the grips 18 months or so before i bought the pistol....yeah im a gun loony :-O

me trying to be half artistic.....bought the big damascus off a guy at the hunt i used the double rifle on cause i thought it looked cool and the price was right, no real world application for it.....the Benchmade folder is what i carry every day and it mainly gets used for opening paper boxes at work....incidentally i also bought it from a guy at the hog hunt for about 1/3 MSRP....
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I love Damascus. I'll get a full Damascus folder, soon's I can afford it.
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Nice 1911... Firearms are one of my other hobbies. I have a Les Baer, Colt, and Springfield Armory 1911 but my favorite shooters are my Glock 21 or CZ75B.
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Congrats to your wife on winning two wonderful guns. And very nice 1911. Those grips are pretty awesome. I recently traded my springfield ultra compact 1911 for a glock 19. 1911's are great, but man do I love my glocks!

@Jcal - if you are looking for a good budget home defense shotty, you might look into a side by side coach gun. They can be found pretty cheap. Only having 2 shots sounds like a disadvantage, but if you practice with it and know where to point the barrel, 2 shots should be plenty to do the job.
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Don shooting a buddy's Les Baer is what led me to getting the Para, wish i had money for the Les Baer

a couple pics of the damascus for Lil Stinkpot....the other one is my wifes...

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That m1911 is awesome its on my want list.
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Rattler: :drool: I have a small Damascus folder, I put my own purple wood handle on it.

Hmm, time to go look for some "gun food," methinks. I almost have it ready to go. Actually, IT is ready, it's me that needs a little more stuff and training.
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I dont know if its just me but i love handguns with a grip safety.
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Knowing as little about them as I do, my want list is very short and simple. A pistol that I can play with locally at the indoor range, a larger rifle, say 30-06 to play with with the boys at the outdoor range, and eventually one of those insanely expensive match rifles, small bore. That's what I'm working up to. For now, the carbine will do for playtime and practice time. Cheaper ammo than a 30-06. ;)
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i have a friend with a match built 30-06 with a custom throat that shoots it out to a mile....ive seen him ring steel with it a bit past a mile....
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my wife has this 38 special revolver that she loves
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i have a friend with a match built 30-06 with a custom throat that shoots it out to a mile....ive seen him ring steel with it a bit past a mile....

WOW. :0o:

I'll get there, some day and a pay raise. Just watch me.
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Oh, Rattler? Thanks for starting this thread. Even though I got da boss's encouragement to go ahead, I've been too chicken to start one myself. :awesome:
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ive gone head to head with the anti gun types here before, actually changed a few minds.....not my first gun thread on this site....
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I remember one of yours a while ago. Back when I was indifferent to the subject.

Well, heck. Maybe I'll start mine. I have to get some nicer pictures first. Maybe.

BTW, you'd probably get a kick out of my chosen signature on the Firing Line forum. "Gun totin' hippie chick." Heh. That's about what I feel right now, too.
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Hahaha. Nice. You guys succeeded in getting a gun rights ad on TF. Way better than those Russian bride and Asian girl match making ads.