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for fellow gun nuts and conservation fans....

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the wife just won over $4,000 in this pair of shotguns, she was entered into the drawing by donating over $500 to Ducks Unlimited by buying a cheap bison "bronze" last October at a local banquet, the drawing was held yesterday at the state banquet.......while being a hunting organization has also saved and rehabilitated huge amounts of wetlands in the US and Canada, CP habitat....always swore i would never have "safe queens" guess thats changed.....

Very nice artwork. Nice score!

Gonna display them or use them? Or both?
dont dare use them, their worth drops fast and i dont dare display them here or at work with the lil brats breaking into houses lately......not sure what she plans to do with them.....keep them and bring them out of the safe to drool on every once in awhile or sell them and buy some guns to use i dont know.....they are hers to do with what she wishes....if we keep them we will prolly haul them and display them at the local DU banquet every year....
I didn't know that the value drops like that. New sport, for me. My one-and-only (for now) is so old and heavily modified, it'd probably get less than $100.

You are getting many break ins there? Same here. Last time the idiot climbed over a $500 RC airplane transmitter to steal an ancient iPhone 3G and a pretty (cheap) folding knife. What a maroon.

Whatever she chooses, I'm sure it'll lead to fun of some sort. :D Enjoy!
most guns are made to be used but these are more collectables.....for the most part ill shoot even the most expensive gun, i shot a pig with a $55,000 British best quality double rifle back in March that a buddy let me use....but that was a gun made for hunting, these really arent intended for much other than sitting in the safe though they work just as fine as the normal versions of the models....

i live on a poor indian reservation and though im in a small town in the middle of nowhere we have crime like an inner city....only difference is here you know the trouble makers.....my house hasnt been touched im guessing because of my dogs but my next door neighbor was broke into a couple weeks ago....
I agree. Just like the model gliders I fly, most are meant to get dirty and banged up. Just saw a $2,000 molded carbon job bite it today. That said, I do have a hangar queen.

Here's hoping he little miscreants grow up some day.

That's cool about the $55,000 rifle. How did it shoot and handle? I'd love a similar experience some day. Probably will, if I stick with it and make lots of friends at the range. Already got one, aiming for a whole club full in a couple weeks when I make the orientation/safety training.
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it was awesome, when he said he had a 303 british double rifle during the planning phase i thought alright he is gonna hand me a $6-8,000 working gun.....i about crapped my pants when i got to hunting camp and he handed me the gun....knew i was looking at an expensive gun but no clue till i asked him and he told me what it was appraised for....i dropped my meat pig with one shot at 80 paces and anchored another pig that was getting away that a buddy shot....

the hog has been good eating.....and yes i know as far as my wife goes, i have no clue why she married me either :D
Very nice shotguns! Really cool that she won them. Really nice engravings.
I've been looking for a shotgun but I'm a lefty. Looking for more of a home defense gun.
just a basic Remington 870 pump gun works great for home defence and though technically a righty gun its pretty easy to use one as a lefty, far easier than a bolt action...
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oh and i would never buy guns like these two shotguns for myself.....i would not spend $2,000 on a gun thats just gonna sit in the safe....been thinking but spending $2,000 on a Shiloh Sharps rifle but it would get used a whole lot.....winning these is pretty cool but just not the kind of guns i or the wife actually buy.....she bought the cheap statue for an inflated price as a donation to DU, not so much cause she wanted a chance at the guns, that was just a bonus....
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That engraving looks awesome nice to see more there are more fellow gun nuts as you said. Hey stinkpot were not alone.
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Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety

Havent heard that one before I love it.
That engraving looks awesome must be nice.
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Yeah, hate shells flying across my face.
Remington makes a left version and more than likely what I will go with, browing is bottom eject. Just trying to make up my mind.

Yeah, I wouldn't spend a lot for display guns either, but its sweet that she won. I would be at odds on what to do with them as well. I think I would just gaze at them ever now and then.
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Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety

Havent heard that one before I love it.
That engraving looks awesome must be nice.

Lol. I didn't even see his sig. I love that quote as well. I carry all the time and its a huge peace of mind when I'm out and about!
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I also like the signature. I have, long before I really got to enjoy shooting.

Rattler, that 303 British is a REAL looker, wow. Nice job on the pigs, too. We have them around here, scary beasties.

I have an old M1 carbine. I've been told it's good for home defense, also. I dunno, that's not why I kept it, but if needed.... Yeah. Pray that I never, ever need it for that. For now I'll use to to get started in markswomanship.

So glad I'm not a lefty. Hot brass going down the shirt is distracting enough.
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Yeah. Hot brass and exhaust gas in the face isn't fun.

That double rifle must have been a dream to shoot. I have only seen them behind glass. Never shouldered one. Thats a memory you treasure forever!
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he had a 500 nitro and 577 nitro there aswell.....oh and an 8 bore muzzle loading rifle

a M1 carbine is an excellent rifle and with soft point ammunition is a good home defense weapon.....ive always wanted one but have never gotten around to buying one...if its one of the original military guns and not one of the later reproductions its actually worth more than you probably think....not a safe queen dollar amount but not exactly a cheap gun either....if i had one it would live beside the bed.....right now i keep a lever action Marlin beside the bed for bumps in the night for the same reasons your M1 is good, its short(my Marlin has a 18 inch barrel) and handy for moving through the house and easier to shoot under stress than a handgun though i do have a 1911 pistol aswell....

i hope never to have need for it aswell but but better to have and never need than need and not have....worst thing in the world to me would be loosing my wife and no way that i wont protect her with everything i have.....luckily for all our crime here, break ins while someone is home is very, very rare precisely because 90% of households have guns in Montana....
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Rattler, alas, it is no where near original. :( Pretty sure it's a take-home, but it's been tweaked substantially. http://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=529260 I do have some hollow points for it, but I'm using them up as sighting practice. For now, FMJ and locked tight. I may rethink it later.

An 8 bore?!?!? Wow! Picture?
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its not an all original gun but it is an original military gun and not a reproduction made later....likely atleast a $600 gun these days.....very nice gun to have....
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here is the 8 bore....the pipe bomb looking things are his speed loaders....last picture is a video i took, the guy loading it is the owner of it and the double rifles......there may be some language in the video, i forget:

video of gunner loading it and bea175 shooting it in Tennessee