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for fellow gun nuts and conservation fans....

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I keep getting model airplanes and flight schools.

I use Adblock on the computer, I'd have to fire up the iGlitch to see the ads.

ETA: nope. I got a flexi hose and a wedding planner ad. :lol:
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I don't think those are CA legal. :(

Here's my basket case:

After I finally figured out the sling: (Yeah, that sling wasn't made for that stock. I had to improvise to make it fit until the new one arrives.)

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very nice, like i said before its one of the rifles i want to get yet.....for what they are and their intended purpose they are a darn fine rifle.....the Israelis are still using them, not bad for a gun designed in 1942.....
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Beautiful shotguns Rattler, super nice score :)
I really want a nice field shotgun, would love a nice CZ or Bernelli


That sling is a M1907 clone, it is considered by many as the best sling for marksmanship.... it can be kind of difficult to figure out till you get the hang of it.
see here for instructions: http://carnival.saysuncle.com/001086.html
May not work with your carbine though.

You should also see if Appleseed is going to be held near you, its a great 2 day marksmanship education course

I was at the range last Friday with one of my Czech girls:

Cz453 17HMR Fluted Varmint with Nikon 4.5-14x40mm scope
Don't know why the barrel is blotchy in the pic, not like that in real life... cell phone image
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CZ makes good guns, their barrels are super nice for a manufacturers barrel in their price range.....rare that a CZ isnt a good shooter.....
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I've got 3 and all are sub-moa, two will do one ragged hole at 100yrds if I do my part.
They can outshoot me any day of the week...
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LOL, Av! That's the site that told me how to fold it right. Do you see the parti-colored tie on the butt? That's my answer to the "wrong damn sling" problem. I took a page out of the Mosin Nagant's book with the dog collar sling attachments and tied the sucker on to the stock. That tie will probably last as long as the leather, or until I get the new sling and oiler I bought last week. It works very well this way.

I'm going to join a local rifle club this weekend, they'll show me the ropes, and tell me about all the neat stuff coming up. I also signed up with the CRPA, and they send out a list of upcoming events throughout the state.
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Hey, there's a one day Appleseed August 31st in San Jose. Can't get any closer than my own town. :awesome: I'll look into it, and see if I can get enough ammo for the day in time.
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though ive never been to one(im in the middle of nowhere and often dont have anything close to me) ive heard nothing but great things about the Appleseed Project....i would imagine it would be well worth your time to attend one.....
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I just read the fine print. The limit is 8mm and smaller. This carbine uses 230 cal, which is almost equivalent to 9mm. Bummer.

But that won't stop me from watching the match. ;) I know what range they'll be on, it's the one that's all but taken over by the club I'm joining.
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the carbine should be .308....7.62mm.....
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should correct that to .308 diameter bullets, not the 308 winchester cartridge....
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Hmmmm. OK. I gots my rememberer screwed on backwards. Happens frequently. Thanks. I'll still look into it, and see what the Zouaves say about it Saturday. Hope they're ready for a zillion questions!
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no worries.....the wife says if she can ever find some sort of legit use for all the useless information in my skull she will be rich.....couple of a buddy's kids call me "Wikipedia" :0o:
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I'm still not sure what to think about a "po' man's bore gage" someone sent from a gun forum. Say's it's supposed to tell me how thoroughly shot-out the barrel is. What is it? An inert 30-06 round. Stick the bullet in the barrel, and how far it goes is how worn the rifling is. I'm scepetical, but the "Magic Ouija Bullet" says I have a little life yet. The only REAL test to to train myself up enough to hold a good group, and see if the rifle can keep up. Still, many folks swear by it, so... we'll see. I really shouldn't knock it, it was sent as a kind gesture. I really do appreciate it, too. I'll keep it, might want to use it again.
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never seen one and plenty of rough bores can still shoot good enough.....never know till yah shoot, seen some that looked like a corroded sewer pipe shoot minute of milk jug and awesome looking bores shoot patterns you would swear came from a shotgun firing buckshot....
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Minute of milk jug?

Gahhh! I hate the waiting game with the post office. I know I have a box of ORD coming my way. Eventually. It had better get here before the weekend!