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Flower watch, 2013!

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Beautiful stuff DJ!
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Cant wait to see your bog in full swing DJ. Looks BEAUTIFUL! :eek:0:
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:blush: Thanx guys. I will post pics when the bog gets into full swing, lots of good stuff coming up in there this year thanks to the generosity of other TF members.
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S. jonesii
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:cool: S. jonesii are prolific little buggers.
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I finally have a few flowers to share. My plants are so behind this year.

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Wonderful sea of sarr flowers, very nice collection Crissytal!
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All those flowers are neat. Tarnok being winner for most interesting for sure, but I like the whitish-peach ones the most:)
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2014 TF calendar material imho
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I agree!

Adding a couple more flower pics:

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Thanks for the kind words everyone :blush:

Love the Ping flowers! Temperate Pinguicula and me don't get along.