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Flower watch, 2013!

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That is really cool!!
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It's still cold here, but I have a few buds peeking out

S. rosea

2nd rosea


2nd S.oreophila

sarracenia psittacina

S. purpurea X (alata X leuco)

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First Sarracenia flower is opening. How exciting! :grin:


Plant is S. Purpurea x Flava Ornata...
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A few more

Complex Hybrid

Alata Mobile Co, AL

Flava "Bronze"

Alata black throat x flava rubricorpora

"Wilkerson's Red" x alata red black

Alata Mobile Co, AL

(Alata x Leuco) x flava rubricorpora


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Fantastic shots, Fred!
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Too lazy to count the buds but the first to open is a toss up between S. 'Tarnok'

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Hi everyone! I'm new here. Your plants look great!
I'm slightly jealous since i won't be moving until the winter from my north facing balcony.
But here is my sarrecenia purpurea beginning to bloom. I'm hesitant to let it flower given the second story of my balcony, winds, and the obvious pretty much full shade problem. Somehow though, I manage to keep a nice collection without any elongated pitchers on my neps or this one.
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not my typical quality--phone camera... :p

S. alata 'marroon throat'

S. 'Kimber Red Ruffles' --is this one a flava? if it is, it's the weirdest flava i've ever seen...

S. psittacina f. viridescens

S. x catesbaei with S. flava var rubricorpora behind it.

S. unknown
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I have a few flowers, mostly from plants that I have received from other states/countries, but my catesbaei was the first of my plants (that have been with me before winter started) to produce a flower. It has not gotten very far along yet but I really like it so far. It looks like a nice strong, proud stalk.

This cat doesn't mess around when it comes to flowering.
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S. flava (var rugelii?)



(using flash, kinda dramatic, eh?)
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S. purpurea ssp venosa var burkii aka S. rosea (shows where the name comes from)

S. purpurea ssp venosa

S. rubra ssp alabamensis - it was given to me as alabamensis but I'm thinking it might be wherryi from the flower color.

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All rubra varieties have raspberry red flowers, unless you have an antho free form (as far as I know only found in gulfensis and jonesii). Wait for pitchers to tell what exactly it is.
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Wow those flowers from S. rosea are breathtaking!
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That last flower is weird. It doesn't look like alata or any rubra complex plant.
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Definitely not a rubra flower unless antho-free.
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I've grown this plant 4-5 years. Pitchers get 12-18 inches tall, narrow pubescent looking with light veining. I haven't tried to identify it better until now. It could be an introgressed hybrid with S. alata.
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It would still have to be almost completely alata or a cross with an antho free specimen to get such pure yellow though.
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There have been reports of yellow flowered S. rubra wherryi with normal veining. Barry Rice discounts these having never seen one. But what's the saying? "The absence of proof is not the proof of absence."

Here's one of the small (4-6 inch) pitchers left over from last year that didn't get trimmed off. The plant is normally behind my group of S. leucophylla which act as a wind break. Unfortunately they also cut out a lot of the sun so coloration isn't all that it could be.