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Flower watch, 2013!

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Uhh well, I haven't really joined it yet lol. Hoping to though. :blush:
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Do you just show up for a meeting?
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You can. They have all the info on the site. Are you planning on joining? :-D
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Yup, trying to talk my dad into taking me to the next one/
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I'm going to try to go too, we can see each other there. :3

We just totally jacked this thread. :p
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someone also dropped a vendor name...
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Lots of flowers coming up in my collection. Here's just a few.

"Wilkerson's Red" x alata red black
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I havwe my first flowers opening up, a S. rubra subsp. gulfensis
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Wow Fred, that's a lot of buds! I've never gotten more than one per plant, no matter the number of growth points...

Here are some of my buds, March 11, 2013:
S. "Flies Demise" x "Wilkerson's Red":

S. moorei - Santa Rosa Co, FL (One of the 2 buds it's putting up):

S. leucophylla x (leucophylla x purpurea):

Also flowering so far:
S. 'Leah Wilkerson'
S. catesbaei
S. 'Little Fledgling'
S. rubra gulfensis - Crestview, FL
S. leucophylla x rubra jonesii green
S. excellens
S. 'Bronze Serpent'
S. 'Blood Moon'
S. leuco HCW Clone E
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March 11, 2013



S. flava hybrid


S. 'Scarlet Belle'

S. "Cleopatra's Demise"
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Nice! It's springtime in Maui.
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Enjoying! Mine are begin to grow now!!

Looks really well :D
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Nice Mach. Keep them coming!
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<Warning: Cross-Posted to Sarracenia Forum>

Here in Northern Virginia, USA (USDA Zone 7A), today (031313), it's 39 degrees F outside (28 deg with wind chill) but a balmy 60 degrees f. inside the greenhouse.


Spent a few minutes there with my camera this morning to capture some of the variety of plant growth.
S. leucophylla anthocyanin free is fairly typical of many Sarracenia at this point in the very late winter. Inflorescence is definitely growing, but is still fairly short:


S. purpurea venosa and S. rosea clones have less-developed flower stalks, typically just a swelling of the growth point or just the flower bud visible, as you can see in this veinless S. rosea:


Happy plants = lots of flowers. I repotted about half of my collection last year (for the first time in many years), and the rhizome divisions and larger pots have meant happier plants on the whole this year. I will have far more flowers this year than last, and some of my plants, like this S. flava from Virginia, are over-achieving on bud production, where two growing points = three flowers:


Nearly all of my flavas are sending up buds, but a few clones are also showing early pitchers:


Most plants are in phyllodia, with most pitchers from last dead and gone. There are a few exceptions (AF S. rubra gulfensis, S. leucophylla clones and some of my S. rubra varieties), but this naturally-occurring hybrid of S. leucophylla and S. rubra gulfensis (from the same site where the AF S. rubra gulfensis was discovered, btw), consistently keeps the best pitchers over the winter:


S. psittacina clones and hybrids that contain this species as one of the parents are late-flowering, and swollen and lengthening growing points are the norm now, like this S. x gilpini (S. rubra gulfensis x S. psittacina) 'Gorey' cultivar:


S. rubra alabamensis:


S. flava anthocyanin free:


S. rubra "ancestral" anthocyanin free (atypically slow for the species, as most of my other rubras have flower stalks of 2+ inches now, and S. rubra gulfensis anthocyanin free has stalks 4+ inches):


S. alata sends up new pitchers frequently (but not exclusively) before flower buds, as in this example:


Ditto for S. oreophila:

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First full open flower of the season:

Purpurea venosa var. burkii "Big Mama"

First full open pitcher of the season:

S.'Leah Wilkerson' x 'Cobra Nest'
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That Big Mama flower is very lovely!!
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S. lkleucophylla

S. rubra subsp. gulfensis

Both of my flowering plants inside to protect from rain
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it's too windy for great pictures but I thought this double bloom on a flava hybrid was interesting. One scape, 5 (instead of 6) bracts, otherwise the flowers seem to be complete. Happy growing!