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Flower mantis pics

An Orchid mantis




Spiny Flower Mantis




your photography skills are unsurpassed you should have a special thread for larrys favorite pics. im sure it would astonish all.
the orchid mantis on the orange petals is BREATH TAKING . thanks for sharing
beautiful assassins! and very nice photography. lucky for us all that mantids like to move in slow motion when not trying to kill something!
OMG WOW!! :0o: Do you have those in bigger sizes? I want them as my desktop pics at work to keep me on my toes!
Thanks all. Thez, you can download slightly larger versions from my flickr site. Address is in my sig.
Agreed with everyone! I've seen the pictures you've posted in the past too and they are all amazing! Great job on keeping the different mantids too!

Hope you're doing well, Larry! :)
Stunning photographs! Especially love the last picture of its threat display! Are these your pets?
:0o: Absolutely beautiful creatures. Very nice photography :hail:
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Love that Spiney Flower. Definitely one of my favorites right next to the Ghost Mantis.
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Simply beautiful!!!

Thanks for sharing!!