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Fish Guy started on another Hobby

Well, My name is Dave and I am addicted to fish. I have 18 fish tanks and that is too many. Since I have way too many fish tanks, I figured I had better get started with Carnivorous plants. I was at Lowes and was tempted by the Bug Biting plants dormant Pitcher plant and Venus Flytrap. I mixed the Peat that came in the kit with airport traction sand and Distilled water and proceeded to plant the two plants upside down. After showing my brother who has kept Carnivorous plants in the past, the situation was corrected. Neither plant seemed to be doing too well so I of course purchased two more kits and combined everything (the Peat from all 3 kits and the airport traction sand) and planted 3 Pitcher Plants and 3 Venus Flytraps into a little roofed vented seed germination thing. Now all six plants seem to be doing well. I have been collecting rainwater and buying additional plants from Ebay. I now have: 2 Capensis Sundews (there was a baby in the pot), 1 Pinguicula Primuliflora, 3 medium sized Venus Flytraps, 1 medium sized Pitcher Plant, 3 baby Venus Flytraps and 3 baby Pitcher plants. Aside of the dormant plant kits I have not been repotting the other plants so far. I was wondering if there is any particular time of year to repot the Capensis Sundews. I was thinking about moving the baby to a new pot. I have been reading the forums here and it seems like everyone is very nice. So, Hello guys! I look forward to learning lots of stuff from everyone.
Hello nitwig, you'll have fun in this forum! If you need any help it's good to ask the members around here:)
I too am a fish addict(loves gbrs/german blue rams) and nymphaea sp.s. I usually just repot my D. capensis anytime when I feel it needs a repotting(straight peat works).
Welcome to TF! Tropical fish was my childhood hobby.
18 fish tanks? Wow !

Anyway, welcome to your new hobby :p