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First pics ever of U. petersoniae flowers!

Wow - I saw these pics and had to share -- just crazy beautiful!

As Fernando mentions - similar to U. regia
Wow, 2 really amazing species. I'd love to see these become more accessable in the next few years.
Those are super nice flowers!
i think i like petersoniae more than regia. sweet flowers!
I have never been out of the U.S., but those pics make me wanna go to Mexico!
Very nice flowers.
I too hope to see them available in the next few years.
Thanks for the link Ron.
Now how do we get this one in our collections?
Now how do we get this one in our collections?
.... besides 1) bribing Fernando for the location, 2) traveling through a country riddled with drug gangs (who like to practice decapitations), 3) break numerous Mexican laws by poaching seeds or plants with no permits & 4) smuggle poached seeds/plants back into USA?

So, I'm ready - when do we leave? :0o:
first we had angry bunny utrics, now we have angry bird

wow, stunning... :)
Amazing ! Thanks a lot for sharing !
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thanks for sharing.

beautiful blooms on this one.

I still havent had any utrics bloom but have to admit i gave up last time way too soon, and am just starting the process again now
well for a few months now.