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drosera pygmy roseana rising. 1 week ... etc ...


this is at 1 week from potting up.
freshly potted.
1 week.
Just wait, these are really fast for pygmies.
Wow! never seen pygmies first starting out awesome!!
Told ya they're fast.
need a better macro camera, week 3ish
here is another cant remember it was a freebie.
also week 3 ish.
Very nice. Would you mind sharing the conditions you put them under?
so cool how fast these little guys are growing
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50/50 peat sand t-5 fluorescent lights drip trays half way up the pot rain water.70-75degrees days65-70degrees night12hours lights on 12off till they get going .
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I'll probably have to up my photoperiod up to 12h then and hope it doesn't trigger D. cistiflora to go dormant.
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Thanks for the info. I'll probably remove a sundew from the terrarium to make room for them so these guys get the intense lights of my 6 T-8s. The temperature ranges you specify perfectly match the existing climate of my terrarium. Right down to the photoperiod.

@Wire Man - cistiflora, eh? That one has gorgeous flowers. If it flowers I'd love to see the pictures.
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week 4 .
freebie ??

carbarup, two weeks.
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Your D. androsacea are already putting out new leaves.
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your androsacea, i have a few of those left from the same batch , i got a little out of controll i got about ten different pygmy dews at the sam time they all are coming along , do have a pic of your androsacea?
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Don't have pics of them yet. I was going to place a big order for gemmae, too, but have nowhere to put all of them.
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Just potted mine today along with five other species and one hybrid... Is it okay if they get slightly buried by the peat? Yours are looking great!
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Is it okay if they get slightly buried by the peat? Yours are looking great!

I would avoid letting them go under the soil completely out of sight.
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update been a while.