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Drosera filiformis just starting to bloom

Unknown variety that hitchhiked in with some sarrs a couple of years ago.

The little flowers sure are pretty

No doubt these filiformis will be everywhere next year
If there is any interest I could do a trade or giveaway. These strike REAL easy!
Maybe... I have 'FL giant' and drosera tracyi sending up flower stalks. I will be attempting a hybrid if they open at similar times; the worst thing that could happen is that I would self them. I'd be interested... any guesses on what it might be?
Check out my "filiformis forest" on my plant thread and see just how efficient they spread. I have resorted to cutting the flower stalks off before they go to seed.
Not a bad idea on the trade/giveaway idea. I have the red form, but none of the typicals, and have seen how prolific they can be. I do have seeds open for trade right now.