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Drosera capensis (typical) SEEDS! FREE!

I have Drosera capensis (typical) seeds to give away for free! Just send a SASE.

I have 4 packs of seeds to offer. You will get about 50 seeds.
This offer ends on the 10th of April.

Post up if you want them!
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1. catrus TY!
catrus, I'll PM you now. :D

And 3 seed packs remain!

Post up to claim your seeds!
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I was contacted through PM, now 2 have been claimed!

Only 2 seed packs remain, claim yours now!
1. catrus TY!
2. Flasker Thanks
PMing you now flasker!

One last seed pack available.
No need for a list.

Who will claim the last one? Post up or PM me.
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If the offer is still available I will take the last packet.. Thanks!
The offer is no longer available . . . because you claimed the last pack aerogrower!

All seeds have been claimed.

There will be more to offer in the near-future!
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Awesome this is looking to be a really good grow season so far! Can't wait!! Thanks Acro.
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I have envelopes form all 3 who posted and will send out in the next few days. The guy who PMed me hasn't messaged me back so I'm re-offering the last pack of Drosera capensis (typical) seeds!

POST UP if you want the last pack! :D
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i want it if still available. Thank you.
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Yup, it's yours. :D
PMing you back now!