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Drosera Burmannii- WHERE!?

Where can I find actual plants, not seeds, of this species? I googled it but have so far been unsuccessful.
Also Drosera Glanduligera is especially rare, but I have few hopes of getting it.
anywhere and everywhere...should not be too hard to find. it's an annual, but readily self seeds. i started with one as a hitchhiker but now have ended up with multiple plants. you will end up with it eventually, whether you want it or not. ;)
Try the ICPS seedbank. Like a 100+ packets of D. glanduligera last time I checked. You need to be an ICPS member though.
Why not just buy the seed? Since they're an annual, why wouldnt you want the maximum length of time to enjoy them? They're basically a weed and super easy to grow from seed. Nothing required other then tossing em on wet media and keeping em humid and warm.
PM me: I can send you a couple plants of burmanii.
Like everyone else said, you should just go with seeds. They grow really fast from seed. I have full sized plants in about 2 months from seed.
What kidn of conditions do you ahve seeds in? I've been trying to get 'Piliga Red' seeds to sprout for over 2 months now, and nothing.
I'll try getting adult plants of Burmanii and some seeds of glandigdgdgsdfasdghf whatever its called. :p
Since it's annual, can burmanii be easily reproduced/maintained by doing leaf cuttings?
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@shortbus: easiest is through seed. like i said earlier, the plant will self pollinate itself without your aid, though you can up your seed count by manually pollinating the flowers and feeding the plants extras. i havent heard of any successful attempts to propagate the plant via leaf cuttings (i've heard certain pygmies can).
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I've never heard of anyone doing leaf cuttings on burmanii. My impression is that it wouldn't work too well, if at all, given that it is an annual plant. I agree with the majority here, that growing from seed is the best way. It may also be the only way to propogate the plant; but it self pollinates, so no worries!
If the system isn't broken, don't try to fix it ;)
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Thanks for the replies guys. As always great info from great people! I am convinced of it's potential to become a weed and will wait to expand the collection to include it. Beautiful sundew, but space is always an issue and I do alot of merciless scape cutting to avoid seeding. Unless, that is, I need to get an ID on something. Expect my future giveaways to be plants more so than seed, lol.