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Does anyone have labeled ventricosa from Botanical Wonders?

So I know the whole Death Cubes/Lowes/HD plants have been discussed to death, but what I could not find was an ID on what the Botanical Wonders Nepenthes labelled ventricosa actually turned out to be.

Does anyone have one they purchased from the big clear plastic boxes they ship in now that was actually labeled ventricosa? Is it? Did it turn out to be ventrata after growing it out? I picked one up at a Lowes (that actually had "ventricosa" written on the box.) I want to send it to a friend, but they already have ventrata and do not want to send them another. If you have pics of what the mature pitchers turned out to look like that would be especially helpful.
I bought Botanical Wonders when I was younger and they all turned out to be Ventricosas (the larger ones hanging in pots were the Ventratas). However, to my understanding Botanical Wonders has expanded their species list, offerings more varieties of Drosera, Pinguicula, and Nepenthes.

You would honestly need to wait and see what more mature pitchers would look like.
I am looking for one of these plants. It was my first nepenthes when I got into them in Feb of last year. But I lost it because I was new and didn't have all the info on their care. Lowe's and Homedepot don't carry these anymore in my area. Mine was never labled, just said tropical pitcher or something like that. The only ones I see are in flimsy soft plastic cubes now and I have not seen a Nepenthes since then. I miss my first plant and would love it if someone could help me out with a trade or something.
Wolfn, that's what I was afraid of, I may just send it then with that information attached. I grew out a Death Cube when I first started that turned out to be 'Judith Finn' but was unlabeled. Nice to hear they've expanded a little for the beginner collecters out there.

Thagirion, I never see Nepenthes anymore around here either. This tiny guy was mixed in with a flat of VFTs and Sarrs and was the only one. If I see another I'll pick it up for you, I get pots at HD and Lowes here all the time.
Here's a pic of my mature Botanical Wonders nep purchased from Lowes. I posted pics on another forum and was told it was straight Ventricosa, not ventrata. It has done well for me, flowering twice. I chopped the vine up and have since been able to grow my collection substantially by trading the cuttings.

Thanks Taargus. I wish I could find another one of these. It's nice to see an adult sized one. I took pics of the cube I kept and just uploaded them to my flickr.

Botanical Wonders Nepenthes by Thagirion3, on Flickr

The front packaging and only lable.

Botanical Wonders Cube side tropical pitcher by Thagirion3, on Flickr

The sides.

Feed me death sticker by Thagirion3, on Flickr

The neat art on the sticker and sadly the reason why so many died even in stores. It says open so customers would open them and not put the lids back on letting out all the moisture.
I have one as well, mine is definitely ventricosa. I'll try and get a pic of mine up later.
I got a couple a few years ago:





It was not until they started outgrowing their terrariums before they came out. One has been moved to outside my mini greenhouse, and as you can see, it's most definitely ventricosa, and my bigger one is male.
byoboy, dstrfox, hcarlton, Thanks so much guys! They look great, and they're the nice traditional ventricosa coloring too, (which I personally like best.) I can probably safely say they label them correctly when they bother to.

Thagirion, that is the exact same box I picked up my N. 'Judith Finn' in. I guess they do the plastic boxes now instead of those Death Cubes, and label them, which is awesome. However, I can't say it wasn't fun as a beginner with only a few Neps. to pick up a Death Cube and watch to find out what it turned out to be. Me now however, doesn't want to waste space with anything that I don't absolutely love.
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