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Dionaea Mix (JDW $27)

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Grow Pitcher Plants!
Before bidding, please read auction rules. Winner will receive a few venus flytraps of my choice. You will receive at least five plants of varying sizes. Please start bidding at $2. Plants will be shipped bare root. I'll combine shipping if more than one item I grow happens to be won by the same bidder. Shipping is U.S. only via priority mail @ $6.00. Plants are currently putting on nice new growth. All plants offered by me are propagated in-vitro or by vegetative means from plants in cultivation. The plant shipped will be similar to that in photo below but may be way different. Thanks.

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Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
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Shipping paid. Item will be shipped Monday, April 22nd. Please reply when plants are received. Thank you.
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Plants arrived and potted up!
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Plants arrived and potted up!

Excellent! Thanks for the notification; with that we'll close out this auction thread as complete. Cheers!
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