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Plant Ninja
Up for trade are some very nice sized divisions of dilato-petiolaris.

(note in pic..The falconeri leaf pulling is not for trade :) )



Looking for:
Other petiolaris plants Other than paradoxa,lanata,falconeri.
Sarracenia large size specimens.
Drosera (will list a few in a little bit)
Utricularia U. humboldtii,U. nelumbifolia, U. quelchii, U. reniformis
Heliamphora- heterodoxa or nutans..immature pitchers are ok
I grow every type of CP so if you have something interesting shoot me a pm.

US only please.

Thank you for looking.
nice plants but all i have to trade now is a p sethos which im shore you have
Thanks for all the great trades folks..:bigthumpup:

Not open for further replies.