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Lotsa blue
I have: Drosera lanata, D. dilatato-petiolaris, D. paradoxa and D. falconeri. It's worth noting that the dilatato-petiolaris is a clone from a plant I grew from seed so the genetics should be different from anything out there.

I am looking to trade for: D. fulva, D. derbyensis, D. petiolaris, D. broomensis, D. banksii, D. brevicornis and/or D. darwinensis. I am also interested in seed of these species.

If interested leave a post or pm me.
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'Gonna bump this because I'm still looking for trades.
Have you ever looked at http://carnivorousplantsshop.eu/? I randomly stumbled upon them the other day and they actually have the full petiolaris complex available. Indivdual plants range from 8-12 euros but they have collections of five for 30 and the entire collection for 70. I am sure the size is a little on the smaller side of things but still a pretty good deal even after CITES/shipping/conversion rate.

On a side note, how did the Czech Republic become the kingdom of carnivorous plants? There must have been one hell of a botany professor there to inspire all these nurseries lol.
@ rcl27: I didn't know about that one so, thanks! All the importation hoops and charges make importing live plants from out of the US expensive and difficult. It becomes greatly simplified, I believe, if you have a commercial nursery license. Now who do I know...? These are really good prices for the collections and most of the known species. I haven't even heard of anyone growing D. banksii here in the US.

I have wondered the same thing about Czech CP nurseries. What is this source of burning inspiration?
I have done two orders from czplants and everything went through pretty well. It helps if you know someone in the area to split the charges with you too. The reason they can get shipping down so cheap is they just use pre-made VHS/DVD shipping boxes and zip-lock bag everything bare-root. You are looking at about $40 total for the CITES license and shipping chargers but if you order 10 plants (especially rare ones not normally found in the US) the extra expense sort of washes out. Besides, if you ordered 10 plants in the US you are most likely ordering from 3-4 different people so you are spending $40 on shipping anyway.

Shipping is surprisingly fairly quick considering the distance. My previous orders usually spent about 1-2 days in Europe, 5-7 days in customs, and another 1-2 days in transit in the US. My only problem when dealing with czplants was some translation issues. Vlad is a great guy but some of the emails just didn't make sense from what we were talking about haha. I unfortunately lost my D. lanata due to this (he forgot to include it in my original order, then randomly shipped without telling me and it sat at the post office for a couple weeks). Still I almost prefer ordering overseas because you can actually get what you want in one large order instead of seeing the same boring plants and plethora of hybrids offered stateside.

D. banksii seems almost better purchasing as seed. Ordering one live annual also scares me haha.
Plus the euro is down since last august when I ordered mine. I believe it was around 1 eur = 1.50-1.55 usd. Google has it down to $1.38 right now.
Thanks for the info. I've bought seed from CZ before and Best as well. No complaints. While this all seems promising and doable I would still like to make some trades domestically. :)
just to let you know, some people (Barry) dispute D. banksii to be included in the complex since 1) it is an annual, and 2) it self pollinates.
good luck on your hunt Mark, im searching for a few on your want list as well... i have seed from brevicornis, and darwinensis but nothing happening yet...
Thanks! And good luck on your seed. Those both seem to be very rare in the US so a nice score on your part. :)