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Mar 2, 2016
Last Updated: 3/2/2016

Dalton's Grow List:

Venus Fly Trap (x2) - ~2/15/14
Sarracenia - ~2/15/14

* I got the above two plants from a big box store. It was one of those cheap boxes where the plant was half dead. I live in SC, so I just repotted them and put them in water trays. The VFT has done well, but the sarracenia went gangbusters last summer. I'm not sure of the cultivars for this reason.

Nepenthes Lady Luck - 8/13/2015

*I thought this was a really cool looking little plant and I wanted to try a nepenthes. I don't currently have a way to take care of a finicky special needs plant. I hope to build a nice greenhouse for carnivorous plants and orchids when I can, but this little guy was supposed to do well inside by a window. I've got it under a 6500k light with some other plants and while it's been touch and go, it's started to put out new leaves. Fingers are crossed.