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CPN cover and article

Nice :)

Do you have an heli text in ?
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Pretty sweet, Butch. Can't wait till it comes in.
loved the article Butch! I may have to add some APS to my heli mix because I'm getting a little of that anaerobic stink when I pull them out to check on them. Also the photo is gorgeous! Congrats!
That's great, Butch. I may have to renew my membership now.
ty ty, I am honored that they chose my article, and the cover pic is icing on the cake
Wanted it to be a basic but comprehensive "how I grow.." for Heliamphora. I am very satisfied with the result.

Kudos to Crissy and Ron for their (major) help and gentle nudge ;-)
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Might as well be the cover of Rolling Stone!! Great job man, I'm proud of you.
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I'm pretty sure they'd be willing to let you write the whole thing if you offered! I can't wait to read the article!

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nooooooooooooooo, ty for the kind words but the one little article was enuff, jump right in there boys/girls
they love to get submissions from seasoned growers, hint hint :p
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Congratulations Sir - Great job!

:hail: :hail: :hail: :drool: :hail: :hail: :hail:
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All hail the master of Tincher Massif!

And Butch, Rolling Stone has diminished in size and relevancy for decades; you -- not so damn much . . .
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last issue I read

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Great article, Butch. Snail mail copy hasn't arrived yet, so I logged into
the ICPS website and downloaded the issue.

(I've been repotting into your recommended mix for some time, and it works
well in my conditions...)

Sorry I missed that issue of Rolling Stone!
Keep up the good work,
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Actual size of the magazine -- true . . .