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circularion bog table


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Hi guys!! Let's get this party started!! So I was in desperate need to expand my sarrs growing capacity. I had maxed out the current grow area and even had plants just sitting in trays.


This was early in the season. But you can see the plants in front of the old circ bog just sitting in trays. Pain to keep watered.

So out back I had an old table I used in one of my old greenhouses. I decided to put it to use and moved it up front next to the other bog table.


I raise the sides to make it deeper.


I then reinforce the sides with new and extra screws. Then I relay the table top of decking planks that were there before.


Then sand and level the table as best as I can.

I install the drains. I drill holes in the side at the depth I would like then water to remain. Leaving only about a 1/2-3/4" sticking through the inside of the wall.


I then run the pipe under the table to the rain barrel on the opposite side.

Now its time to lay the plastic. I lay down a sheet of 6mil poly from Lowes. Its wide enough to double up so I do.


I plug the drain and fill with water and test fit the plastic before stapling down. I do this to get my corners right and test for leaks at the drain side. After determining no leaks I let the water flow into the rain barrel to test the min water level and make sure I did a good leveling job. At first I didn't. I had a dry side so I fixed the level. So if the pump should fail they have water for a day or so before drying.

I then staple the plastic and install the pump.



Then after watching it in action I add the plants.


This table will keep the water fresh and oxygenated. As well as not allow the plants to overflow when it rains and makes watering a breeze.
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Great job Josh, did you just use standard bulkhead fittings to attach the pipes to the table ? Now only 9 more of those and you should be all set !
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Great job Josh, did you just use standard bulkhead fittings to attach the pipes to the table ? Now only 9 more of those and you should be all set !

Actually Johnny no I didn't. I just cut the PVC short so it only sticks out a 1/2 to 3/4 inched through the wood and then cut the holes in the plastic smaller than the pipe and stretched it on and pushed it down. Nothing else done. Might leak later. Then I'll buy the fitting. This setup cost me only the cost of the plastic as I had everything else already.. So far so good.
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Great setup, and thanks for the step-by-step. This is something I may have to try.
nice build josh.
me one now?
That's really neat, especially the water pump setup you got there!
Great project!

Thanks for the step by step walk through...
Of course Jimmy! Bring down the lumber and well build and load back up on your truck!