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Ceph pics


I've got a magic window!
The following is from Ron's thread on his Cephs.

About the media, I thought about posting a picture of my 'HG' yesterday after seeing a few ceph pics recently. I think I can find a before picture. My media was very dense and held a lot of water. The plant sulked and hardly grew. Now that it's in a much better draining soil, it's taken off like a weed..... Might have to get the camera out.

Soooo - dig out the camera & show us what you're talking about --- :-O

A little background on my Ceph 'HG'. Purchased back in June 2005.
It hardly grew, was certainly unhappy but I dragged my feet doing anything with the plant. Finally March 20, 2011 I re-potted the plant. I immediately could see the issue. Half the roots were rotted, the soil waterlogged because the small drainage hole was clogged in the pot.
I re-potted it into a pot with a lot more drainage hole in the bottom of the pot and used a very airy mix.

This picture is from November 30, 2010 of my unhappy 'HG' - 5 years looking like this

Now about 1 year after re-potting



Now my 'HG' and Typical together


My Typical



HOLY CRAP! now those are well grown cephs!
I would give you the thumbs up except your epic cephs ate my hands!

Very well grown specimens!
Wow... why cant my cephs look like that. Tbh I cant tell to much on the sizes between your HG and typicals. They look almost the same size.
Very interesting before & after pics. I always love to see pots of your Cephs - so amazingly full of pitchers. I rarely have anything remotely that nice looking (NJ summers outside I think push the top of their heat-tolerance envelope). I especially like the really dark pitcher with the green midrib (just to the left of center) on your HG - very striking. Most years my HG plants do not get that dark - they'll get darker than usual in the middle of winter when it gets really cold in the basement back room - but this year we hardly had a winter so they didn't darken much at all...

Interesting that there doesn't seem to be the marked difference in peristomes between your HG & typical. Makes me wonder if there is some other environmental variant that I'm missing to cause my HG's to be so different?
very, VERY nice. wow. that's crazy! great growing and thanks for sharing!
HOLY SMOKES!! Very nice.. Great color too. What sort of light are they getting?
You can smell the jealously in this forum now. :D Mind if I ask how you grow your plants? It certainly seems to be doing REALLY well.
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Oh my god!...Eric_N, yes yes pure jealousy! :cry: :lol:
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Thanks for the comments.

mluk27 - If you saw them in person, you would definitely see a difference between the two. 'HG' is larger and beefier...

RL7836 - Thanks. I have seen some pics of 'HG' before with that huge peristome like your has made. Maybe now that mine is finally happy, maybe it will produce some like that. It certainly is putting out the largest ceph pitchers I've ever had.

mass / Eric_N - 10 gallon terrarium. 1 - 40 watt 67,000K / 10,000K Sunpaq bulb and 1 - 15 watt Flora Sun bulb.
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I see. So what is this more airy media mix you went with?
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Holy freaking cow. I've been procrastinating potting my Ceph pullings up until I found a media I liked... think I just found it...

So, 2/1 turface/peat. That makes me happy, 'cause I love turface and want to use it in more stuff, lol. Do you tray them?

Ridiculous plants, I don't think I've ever seen such... lush (?) Ceph growth. LOL.
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Kyle - Thanks. I do not use the tray method. I water from above. At times it's a little hard when the pots overflowing as the Typicals are.

A few more pics:

Here's a closer shot of some of the teeth for Ron.

mluk27 - Here's a better comparison of pitcher size. Average size of the Typical, one bravely gave it's life for the photo shoot.

Typical beside the largest 'HG' pitcher that just started to open.

Lid not fully open yet and larger then a quarter.

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Ron, was looking at your pics again of the 'HG'.
I'm not sure that a have seen a peristome that big before on a 'HG' or any ceph, I thought I did, but I may be thinking of the way the pitcher seems to be bent more. It appears in the picture it may be more banana shaped?
Also see that it's a selfed 'HG', which I thought it was a pure 'HG'.
Maybe you've got a new cultivar if it hold true, Cephalotus 'Fat Lip' :-))
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Very nice plants! Great growing.
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OHH man, those cephs are looking amazing..

I've been trying to scour the web for some Ceph 'HG' seeds... Any idea where I can shnag me some?
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I think Ron may have sent Cephalotus seeds to the ICPS seed bank so time back.

Remember seed grown plants from cultivars are not true cultivars. They are selfed and would need to label them as 'Hummer's Giant' F1 or is it "Hummer's Giant" F1. Not 100% sure but the F1 means it was grown from seed of the original cultivar.
True cultivars are propagated by cuttings of the original plant so that the specific traits of the plant are not lost.
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[/COLOR]Also see that it's a selfed 'HG', which I thought it was a pure 'HG'.
Sorry for confusion. The pitchers on the right in this photo are Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant' (left are "Squat")

The plant in the right pot in this pic is an adult Cephalotus grown from selfed HG seed (& left is "Czech Giant").

I stole your Typical vs HG comparison pic. Then I went into that nasty back basement room & snapped pics of the original pitcher (now in the middle) and another (both HGs) (attempting to have the same frontal orientation as yours). Then I tried to size-match the pics and put them together for a comparison...

I'm still curious as to the cause of this difference. Both of our plants are legitimate HG clones (I believe from same source). I was thinking age of clone but that doesn't really explain the quite-robust peristome on the Ceph from HG seed.

Now that this is something we've noticed - we can watch our plants & see when & where the differences arise and get some clues about the potential factors that might be causing them....

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I've been trying to scour the web for some Ceph 'HG' seeds... Any idea where I can shnag me some?
Here's a thread I posted last fall to alert everyone to the presence of fresh seed in the seedbank. While there are still a few packets in the 'Donor' section, I have no idea of how viable they are at this age...

For reasons I cannot fathom, it seems that many people are highly motivated to purchase seed out of season or old seed from unreliable sources. At this time of year, if you know of a reliable source, you can find fresh seed from Oz. If not, start looking again in the fall for decent Northern Hemisphere sources.

As elgecko mentioned, even though the seeds come from 'Hummer's Giant' parents, they will not be 'Hummer's Giant' Cephs.
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As elgecko mentioned, even though the seeds come from 'Hummer's Giant' parents, they will not be 'Hummer's Giant' Cephs.

Can you elaborate on this? How does that work, is it a hit or miss kind of thing?