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Hi, new to this forum.
I went to college many years ago for Horticulture, and majored in GreenHouse production.
I've been hooked on gardening since I grew my first "bean in a Dixie cup" in kindergarden.
I grew VFTs some 40 years ago when that was about all the CPs available to grow (ordered from comic books!)

And I now have a renewed fastination with CPs since I discovered all the new CP species & hybrids available. I'm most drawn to Neps, Heli's and Sar. plants.
I'm so glad to be here, and I'm sure there is much I can learn here also,
and hopefuly new friendships to be made.

I'd love to be able to trade for some new plants to expand my meager collection of 4 Neps plants.
But, about all I have to trade with are cuttings of rooted/leafed Fig trees, cactus pups, and a bunch of common Capensis. Oh! and some seeds of Dutchman’s pipe (Aristolochia macrophylla, syn. A. durior, Zones 5-8
Many Thanks!
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I think I recently read your post on mites (hope that was you, sorry if i'm mistaken) - It was very informative. Can't wait to read more from you, welcome.
Welcome Dan! Always good to know another horticulture and CP fan. Many of us have "a few extras" and I'm sure you'll have too many CP's in no time. Welcome to the forum. :)
Welcome back to the hobby Dan!!
Thank you for the warm welcome Maxima,
Yes, that was me writing about mites.

Thank you shortbus, and Lance!
Glad to be back!
with all the new CPs I feel like a kid in a Candy store!
I can hardly wait to get started!
We need more old timers here on the forum. Cp's aren't just for the youngins! Welcome to TF!
Thank you amphirion!
Very nice to be welcomed!
Hello, welcome to TF buddy :)
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Hey Dan, and again welcome to TF.

To reach more viewers, might I suggest posting on the Carnivorous Plant Trading Post forum here what you are looking for to get your collection of CPs started and what you have to trade. :-D
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Thank You DJ!
That's a great Idea!
If I can find it I will! :blush:
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Let me add my welcome to all the rest. This hobby, and forum, may look like it's inhabited only by teens and twenty-somethings but scratch the surface and you'll find plenty of us somewhat more seasoned folks. As for figs, lets talk off line via PM's or in the trading section.
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Welcome Dan. Its sometime nice to take a break. And with your previous experience, you should have some cool ideas to get things going correctly from the get go.
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Thank You Chibae, I'd like that!

Thank you vraev!, I've grown many kinds of plants in the past.
many times what you learn from growing one type of plant,
can sometimes help with growing other types of plant cultures.
I've always gotten compliments on what I'm grow'in!
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Thanks DJ! You're my Hero! :)