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A few questions about different setups...

Alright, so the project I'm looking to tackle is that of three small tanks to turn into plant-only terrariums of different kinds. They're all slightly different sizes, but they're all around the 2 gallon mark and all still more or less watertight. I'd quite like to do one of each type to start off with - desert setup with some little cacti and succlents, standard indoor/exotics setup with some nice little foliage plants and maybe some african violets or something, and a carnivorous setup with perhaps butterwort or sundew flytraps of some kind.

Since looking around at what I could find about it on the net, these are my questions -

1) In general, is there a way to make sure the spagnum moss is from a renewable source? It sounds silly, but I don't really like using it or peat due to the damage overfarming can do, from memory. Are there alternates I can use in my setup that will work the same?

2) Is it possible/okay to do a desert-style terrarium in a watertight container? All the instructions I've run into so far seem to indicate I use a regular dish-shaped pot, but isn't that rather more of a planter than a terrarium?

3) How easy are butterworts to look after? I'm aware that some sundews are cold-hardy and that Venus Flytraps seem to need overwintering in a cold space - which I wonder wasn't what I've been doing wrong all these years - and that all carnivorous plants are a bit delicate in that they need distilled/rainwater to be steeped in, but I can't seem to find much about doing a little setup in the tank I described above.

4) I don't suppose it's possible to have a sundew and a butterwort in the same setup, is it?

Thankyou in advance!
I grow my sundews and butterworts in the same tank and even some nepenthes seedlings and utricularia (Divaskid's Dewy Paludarium Build) If you follow that link, I give instructions on how I built mine ;) As long as you use plants that don't need wintering (some types do, some don't), it should be fine. For instance, I don't put my venus flytraps in there. You can however put them in little pots that you can remove for the winter time if you really want them in there.

I'm not sure what else you can use besides peat. I know sometimes people use coconut coir as a substitute, however I'm not sure if it's ideal (never used it for my sundews and butteroworts, only nepenthes). The best way to make sure you get sphagnum from a renewable source is to trade with someone who grows their own or buy just enough so that you can grow your own. I don't know of any commercial sources that does this. I could be wrong though.

Hope this helps a little :)