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2013 TerraForums calendars *on sale!*


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Ok, I think I have it all configured correctly.... http://www.flytrapshop.com/servlet/the-107/2013-TerraForums-Calendar/Detail Remember, this is for pre-order. They said about 10 days. Shipping is included in the price, USPS first class when ordering one, order more than one and it goes USPS PRIORITY.

Those with photos featured in the calendar get one for free so I need your shipping information (PM is fine). Please, let me know if you are going to order more so I can get them all shipped out at the same time.

Thanks again all that submitted photos, helped narrow the field, did the graphics work, gave constructive criticism etc. etc... all of us make this possible as a group effort, none of us could do it on our own.

order placed thank you all.
Placed my order, thank you
who else , bump it will be in soon , It's gona be cool:-O
Placed my order yesterday :-D Can't wait for it to get here!
I'll probably ask for one or maybe two for christmas, of course. :p
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Hi Andrew,

Any word on when they might start to ship?

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Andrew, I sent you a message, but you never replied. Can you confirm or deny its existence? I may not have hit send...
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Calendars arrived today (ugh- what a cluster these guys have been!!) I will pack them up to go out tomorrow. Priority people should see them next week- depending on Holiday mail traffic and you first classers (one calendar) I really have no idea how long it will take. Really sorry for the delay- but the printing people forgot to hit "approve" on my order when I payed it so it's just been sitting there! Unbelievable.


Still plenty available so get your order in if you haven't. 2 or more gets free upgrade to priority shipping. =) http://www.flytrapshop.com/servlet/the-107/2013-TerraForums-Calendar/Detail
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Anyone that is expecting one at this point should have tracking information... If I've missed you please PM me!
If you bought through the store and didn't create an account, use this: http://www.flytrapshop.com/servlet/Service
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Mine just arrived, sweet... :)

thank you to all involved, very nice and just in time for gift giving
(multiple order)
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Mine arrived here in Va .
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it's here!!!!!!!!!!!