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Let's positive thinking!
After much deliberation we've selected a beneficiary for the 2011 NASC Benefit Auction. This year's proceeds will go towards the Boiling Spring Lakes Preserve, in cooperation with our friends at the Nature Conservancy. This site, on the outskirts of the town of Boiling Spring Lakes, NC, includes many lands immediately threatened by expanding development. The region is home to Dionaea muscipula, Drosera brevifolia, capillaris and intermedia, Sarracenia flava, purpurea and rubra, as well as Utricularia inflata and purpurea. Though it already includes nearly 7,000 acres, our goal is to connect disjoint portions of the preserve and create a wider perimeter around the most sensitive areas in order to maximize the value of protections the Nature Conservancy provides.
In addition to being rare habitat to the Venus flytrap and a number of other endemic carnivorous plants, the Boiling Spring Lakes are an important center of biodiversity for many other plants and animals, including temperate orchids and the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker. A unique and remarkably varied combination of biomes make this an invaluable region.
Read about the Boiling Spring Lakes Preserve here at the Nature Conservancy website:
Auction proceeds make a tremendous difference in this effort. Your giving is a much-needed investment into the future of Sarracenia, carnivorous plants, and the heritage of America's wilderness. As reported by Renee Elder of the Associated Press, a recent study found that every $1 spent on conservation in North Carolina returns $4 in natural resources:
The community of Boiling Spring Lakes takes great pride in their surrounding natural resources, and is active in promoting conservation through the yearly Fire in the Lakes Festival (http://fireinthelakes.weebly.com/) and other fronts, but they can't do it all on their own. Let's have a great auction turnout this year and show our support in preserving these natural treasures! Bidding begins April 23rd!
Thanks, and have fun!
~Joe Granville
Head of Public Relations and Education, NASC
Sounds like a great place for our money to go! I can't wait for the auction to start ... :banana2:
So excited. Any advice for a noob? How do I go about donating something for it? o_O

EDIT: And are there any... requirements for donations?
Not too many, not that come to mind off the top of my head at least. It needs to be legal to sell/trade. You can't offer to ship plants outside the country, can't offer pirated copywritten goods, uh... Be creative, I'm sure you can think up other examples.
I should double check, so don't hold me to this, but you may be able to offer CITES plants within your own state, or seeds to other countries. For CITES plants, you may have to cover the shipping, because you cannot accept any money for them for any reason. (Perhaps, I think.) But, that's assuming you can actually do so. If you post anything not allowed, we'll have to point it out and close the thread, but no hard feelings.
Stay tuned for an actual, researched, rules post. ;D