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    P. vulgaris

    I replanted my Pinguicula vulgaris seedling into the same medium that it germinated in... That is a mix of LFS and really fine silica sand. This is ok, right? Other question, I read that they need a six month dormancy being a really northish plant. From october to maybe march??? wut else do i...
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    Brushing up

    I can help ppl with indentifying, care giving, minimaly about other genus', but with pings all i know is that they eat fungus gnats, and that humididty is good. Where can I start to get some information on pings so that i can be a help in this forum? Also, it would be useful to attain this...
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    its a five gallon tank about ten inches high... I've been wanting to make a terrarium... Temperate species seem to be the best, that way I can just carry the whole thing down to the laundry room or garage... Here is what I'm thinking: D. muscipula - The garage and laundrey room dont get so...
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    Depth of aquatic bladerworts

    Just wondering if anyone knows at what level do the various aquatic bladerworts and Aldrovanda float at? I have a small pond in my greenhouse that I used to overwinter some U. gibba and U. purpurea. The U. gibba has grown and floats on the top of the water. I thought the U. purpurea did not...
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    What\'s it doin...

    Hey! My lil Ping Vulgaris a while back sent up a very tall stalk. It bloomed on the end a 1/2" blue flower. As the flower stayed good the stalk doubled it's height. Then one day the flower petals just sort of fell off. The stalk is still standing strong! Should I cut off the stalk?
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    Pinguicula vulgaris

    I've sown these ping seeds on sand/long fiber sphagnum moss... Dont know the ration, but it looks good... :wink: I was just wondering a few things: a) How long does it take to germinate? b) How fast does it mature? Inch-wise... c) Do i cut off flower stalks? d) Anything else??? Help is much...