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Brushing up

I can help ppl with indentifying, care giving, minimaly about other genus', but with pings all i know is that they eat fungus gnats, and that humididty is good.

Where can I start to get some information on pings so that i can be a help in this forum? Also, it would be useful to attain this knolwdge because I have a seedling ping vulgaris (newly hatched), and u know, keepeing it alive would be kinda cool...

Hmmm...you should get the book The Savage Garden by D'Amato. Good sites can be found at http://www.carnivorosuplants.org . Good luck and you WILL be the future CP2k in Pings lol
Yea, I read Savage Garden, but I sorta forget and stuff, u know? Hehehe...