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  1. P

    My Grow List

    I'm just starting out with a Scarlett Bell Sarracenia and a VFT. Any masterful, somewhat lesser known tips for growing and caring? Excited to learn!
  2. jimscott

    Looking For Replacement Pings and Sundews, For Trade

    I've had a couple "shots in the arm" with pygmy sundew gemmae and other assorted things, but what was once a thriving collection of butterworts is down to just a few. I am also missing a few basic sundews, like D. adelae, anglica, and aliciae. Here's my current grow list. Those with asterisks I...
  3. Cindy

    Byblis seeds germination experience

    Hi everyone, I am starting to grow this genus again. Seeds from seller A Seeds were soaked in GA3 for 24 hours and sowed on peat/sand mix. Almost every seed of the five tropical species sown became mouldy and there was no germination. Seeds from seller B First batch was soaked in GA3 for 24...
  4. SubRosa

    Paying It Forward

    Hi! I'm offering a freebie to pay the generosity of HCarlton forward. The winner will get a choice of either a nice sized division division of a typical VFT, (which btw survived this past winter in a container, above ground in Zone 6B) or a small pot with several flowering sized Sundews, a mix...
  5. orlenz

    VFT Trades

    I have some VFT's that I would like to trade for other plants, my plants are healthy and grown in Styrofoam cups in a 50/50 mix of spagnum peat/ sand, in full sun in Southern California, these are all divisions. I have B 52, Cross Teeth, Big Mouth, Crested Petioles, Dentate, Typical...
  6. P

    Patrickntd Grow list

    Grow list (6/29/2016 updated) Drosera D. filiformis (temperate) - seed grown (ICPS seed bank)* D. filiformis 'Florida all red' - seed grown* D. binata [Coromandel, NZ] (warm temperate) - seed grown (ICPS seed bank) D. binata f. multifida f. extrema* D. binata ‘Marston Dragon'* D. intermedia...
  7. Ozzy

    1 VFT, 1 D.capillaris, 1 D.intermedia (Boiling Spring Lakes) - Jcal $16

    You will get 1 of each, all bare root. Bidding starts at $10 US only Winner pays for shipping (I'll pay the shipping if winner adds a $8 donation to NASC, paid with the auction)
  8. Ozzy

    VFT "Boiling Spring Lakes" - pasoftim $10

    You are bidding on a bare root Venus Flytrap "Boiling Spring Lakes" Bidding starts at $6 Winner pays for shipping (I'll pay the shipping if winner adds a $8 donation to NASC, paid with the auction)
  9. madmacks420

    Hello from CT.

    Hi Everyone,Newbie to CP's,Been on here just reading about the plants, I have some VFT and some Nep. seed sowed about 2 weeks old,,Just trying to figure this all out!!
  10. Ras

    Looking for VFT alien and Dionaea "Raptor"

    even just a leaf pulling would be amazing. anyone know where I can find these traps please let me know
  11. kulamauiman

    3 inch pot of VFT B-52. - Cthulhu138 $20

    You are bidding on a 3 inch pot of VFT B-52. Nuff said. Due to size it will be shipped via USP Small Flat Rate Priority Mail box. USA only I cannot provide Phytosanitary Certificates. Winner pays shipping (can be combined with other winning items contact me for...
  12. orlenz

    VFT Trades?

  13. R

    Rooted ventricosa x pectinata cutting for trade

    Rooted in water. Started cutting 2 months ago and it already has a pitcher about to pop open. The source of the plant that this cutting was taken from is Keith Ellison. Interested in VFT varieties, dews, and Sarrs not on my growlist. Nothing else. PST
  14. P

    Dormancy question

    This question applies to my vft and Sarracenia since they both go dormant around the same time. I live in Miami so we don't have a true winter. The coldest it gets is maybe 50-60's. I know I have a long way to worry about Dormancy since it's just March but better to ask early. In the past I have...
  15. D

    deryl's growlist

    Since I am just getting started, the list is short, but here it is: Drosera Intermedia temperate Capensis Rotundifolia (seedlings) VFT Typical "Dutch" Sarracenia Flava v. cuprea Purpurea v. venosa Nepenthes Alata
  16. theplantman

    NEED: Venus Flytrap feeding photo

    Hi all. I am finding it ridiculously difficult to find a good photo of a VFT forming the sealed stomach chamber on prey. I would like to include one in my powerpoint for my CP class when I talk about the stages of a VFT's trapping/digestion. I was wondering if someone could feed their flytraps...