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Rooted ventricosa x pectinata cutting for trade




Rooted in water. Started cutting 2 months ago and it already has a pitcher about to pop open. The source of the plant that this cutting was taken from is Keith Ellison.

Interested in VFT varieties, dews, and Sarrs not on my growlist. Nothing else. PST
Update: No offers but I need this thing gone to make space. I'll be glad to give it away if you don't have anything to trade. You will have to pay shipping is all. Let me know. Thanks!
I am just starting to build my collection and would be glad to pay the shipping. If you want to give it a couple days to see if a trade comes up great.... If not let me know!
It's your's if you want it. PM sent
Boy ramdacc I wish i had a plant to send you in trade.... I feel guilty taking this plant from you!! It arrived in perfect shape and is settled in to a humidity tent (zip lock xlarge) and I'm sure will do awesome. The new pitcher is in great shape also. Thanks again!
Don't feel bad at all! I'm glad it found a good home & I'm sure it will grow well for you. The plant this cutting was taken from has been an easy and fast grower for me.

Good luck!