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Hello from CT.

Hi Everyone,Newbie to CP's,Been on here just reading about the plants, I have some VFT and some Nep. seed sowed about 2 weeks old,,Just trying to figure this all out!!
Got yourself a copy of Peter D'Amato's excellent book, The Savage Garden yet? It's a must for this hobby.
Welcome to terraforums !
Welcome to Terraforums! Good luck with your seed.
Welcome ! Don't forget to check out the New England Carnivorous Plant Society. We have a great club here !


Welcome! Johnny beat me to it, but yes, definitely check out the NECPS. The April meeting is coming up soon and I'm sure we'd all love to meet you.
I'm in CT as well... in the New Haven area.
Lots of awesome people here to share knowledge of the hobby.
Hi Fellow Ct..Love your N.Haven Pizza! Great to hear some one else in this state grows CP's
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A Southerner by birth I had no idea what pizza was until I got to the New HayHay... I have my problems and issues with the city but it is all worth it for the pizza
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I have to agree!! go down south visiting and you will probably never eat pizza there again.
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Welcome from another fellow CT resident. I'm not too far from kahnli, just over in Milford.
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Well Hello Axelrod,,,Ct. has a lot of people growing CP"s,,Who knew?
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Welcome to TF!