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  1. SubRosa

    Ant Plants

    These were gifts from DaveS at last year's NECPS show. First is Hydnophytum formicarium, second is Myrmecodia tuberosa:
  2. Whimgrinder

    Myrmecodia tuberosa

    One Ant Plant seedling (Myrmecodia tuberosa) giveaway. Up for giveaway is one seed grown Ant Plant: Myrmecodia tuberosa, about 2 years old. To quote a recent giveaway, if I can't think of a reason not to give this to you, and if you meet my standards for "an active member", you're eligible...
  3. MasterPropagator

    asclepias tuberosa (orange)

    Asclepias tuberosa is a a species of*milkweed native to eastern*North America is know to attract monarchs I have plenty seed pods and would like to give some back . Because I originally got this from a forum member I prefer if you send a SASE 15 to 20 seeds in some bubble wrap .but I understand...
  4. NemJones

    Thread Idea : Seasonal Trade Index / Bazaar

    Lately Ive been noticing that members are updating trade lists and posting about requests in regards to trading. I really enjoy the trading aspect of this forum and sometimes I overlook peoples trades, or theyre just obscure enough for me not to find/notice. Even sometimes members go inactive...
  5. Acro

    Wanted: Ant Plants and Tree Ferns

    I'm looking for Ant Plants along the lines of: Hydnophytum formicarium Hydnophytum simplex Myrmecodia tuberosa Myrmecodia platytyrea Dischidia major and other easy ant plants. I'm looking for Tree Ferns, species such as: Blechnum Dicksonia Cyathea I have a variety of plants and animals to...
  6. F

    Trade of non-CP plants for any CP plant?

    Hi everyone, I'm very new here and would like to see if I can trade with some members for CP plants or seeds: serracenia, drosera, nepenthes, etc...anything is fine as I only have 1 Serracenia and 1 Nepanthes. I hope to trade within the next 2-3 weeks. We can send something of equal postage...
  7. C

    My first offering...... milkweed for the butterflys

    I have 9 pods of mexican milkweed ( Asclepias curassavica) and 4 pods of " Hello Yellow" ( Asclepias tuberosa) for the taking.... send a SASE. Send me a private message and I will send you my address. Thanks
  8. divaskid

    Myrmecodia tuberosa eaten :(

    Ugh I'm so disappointed. I just got this baby ant plant last week and this morning I came out to find the bulb is completely eaten and only the leaves are remaining. I was wondering if any of you have experience growing these and if its possible to somehow get the leaves to make a new bulb? My...
  9. JRFxtreme

    LF Lecanopteris plants, Drosera tubers, Drosera schizandra, ant plants

    Looking for: Lecanopteris, any species. Multiple Drosera tubers, any species. Drosera schizandra. Ant plant species other than Myrmecodia beccarii, tuberosa. For trade I have: young Myrmecodia beccarii pink fruit variety mature Drosera filiformis "Florida All-Red" mature filiformis var...
  10. William9in

    William9in Grow List....

    Nepethes N. alata x (spathulata x boschiana) 'Dr. Bodie' N. alata x maxima N. alata x truncata 'Kona' N. albomarginata x maxima 'Red Beauty' N. albomarginata x veitchii N. ampullaria x mirabilis echinostoma N. bellii x aristolochioides (EP) N. boschiana x (spectabilis x veitchii) 'Song...
  11. SubRosa

    SubRosa's Grow List

    So far: VFT "regular" type White Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia leucophylla Sweet Pitcher Plant. Sarracenia rubra Purple Pitcher Plant, Saracenia purpurea purpurea Hybrid Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia x "Flame" Hybrid Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia x "Lemon" Threadleaf Sundew, Drosera filiformis Water...
  12. MICKEY

    wanted Asclepias tuberosa seeds

    im looking for some Asclepias tuberosa seeds (butterfly weed) love this plant and there is a shortage of wild milkweed in this area for butterflies also interested in other milkweed
  13. D

    A very rare opportunity!

    Any help to promote this expedition to photograph the world's most unusual plant would be most appreciated. For illustration see; http://www.botanicgardens.ie/herb/research/hydnophytum.htm This coming July I am planning to visit remote Bougainville Island an autonomous territory of Papua New...
  14. agentrdy

    Urgent--Need Safe Spider Mite Control Recommendations

    Hello all--Spider mites have broken out like wildfire (in just 2 days!!) and I have many different types of windowsill plants that are now in trouble. What would be the best control for mites preying upon: D. capensis/spatulata/capillaris/intermedia/binata/aliciae Lithops seedlings Myrmecodia...
  15. nepenthes_ak

    Ant plants

    Myrmecodia tuberosa Hydnophytum formicarium any body know how easy it is to grow these? (as in personal experince) Ive looked on line and found some information but Im wondering if you guys know how to or grow them.
  16. swords

    Hydnophytum & Myrmecodia

    Hey folks I scored one each of these rarer ant plants and I was wondering who else here might also be growing them? Hydophytum formicarium Myrmecodia tuberosa I have three environments in which I can grow them, cold highland, (on Wistuba's site he shows some family of these ant plants growing...
  17. P

    Ant plants seedling

    05/31/2005 06/18/2005 M. tuberosa from Sarawak 5/5 100% survival H. formicarum from Singapore 1/2 50% survival M. sp. from Unknown Origin 7/7 100% survival H. formicarum from Thailand 6/6 100% survival M. tuberosa flower/fruit/seedling M. echinata H. formicarum
  18. C

    Paul's growlist

    These are succulent and passionflowers that I have to trade Adenia keramanthus Adenium obesum Adenium hybrid (white blooms) Adromiscus several un-named-cutting Agave victoria-reginae- Agave americana Agave americana varigated Agave attenuata Agave augustifolia marginata Agave calmiane ferox...