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Ant plants

Myrmecodia tuberosa
Hydnophytum formicarium

any body know how easy it is to grow these? (as in personal experince) Ive looked on line and found some information but Im wondering if you guys know how to or grow them.
I ended up buying 2 of them...

Let you guys know how it goes and when I put ants in them!
it is very easy to grow them , I have some one .
you can grow these species like nephentes ( soils-hygrometry -etc)
no ant for them ,but a NPK : 23-5-5
for every species you have a specific tropical ant, in europe we grow them without ant.

I have a website on these species


Are you growing your ant plant in a terriarium, by a window, or outside? Are you really going to try and colonize it with ants? I just did some reading on the species and it sounds really interesting.

You mentioned two different species. What is the difference in the two? When I googled both of them I got the same websites.




So far I have found very little Difference in species Just the complications in the growing methods I have gotten the easier species. 2 of them just in case!

Hydnophytum formicarium

I Plan on trying to colonize it in spring I will put it in a hanging basket. On the wire's Chains w/e it is that holds it up will be Either 3-1 Oil, or Vasoline, both wont let ants take a grip, I can also feed the ants from this,

That test tube with the cotton is acutaly the species I might put in one of them! Slonepsis molesta! Small ant and hard to contain in a normal Ant set up (platser is what I usualy use check out my blog about Tetramorium Caespitum) They generaly Keep smaller colonys and I suspect that they would do VERY well in one of these ant plants, and I also plan on putting another species in the other one... dunno what yet.

thanks for all the help guys!

this is what the ants would enter. this plant is 3-4 months old obviously. Their are probably 2-3 good sized galleries in their the entrance is about 5 mm's big.
I grow both of these, but hardened them off and grow as housplants on a sunny windowsill, temps 10-20C in winter, a bit warmer in summer, very low humidity
Not sure how to gorw them. Sure know how to kill tem.
well truth is , I don't know I killed them they jest died,
It will be interesting to see if the ants will actually take up residence in this plant. I'd think only certain species would be able to.
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Not really, What do you think when you hear Carpenter ant species?

Generally refered to as Camponotomus sp's but theirs not many Camponotomus species that acutaly take the time to only live in rotting wood. Most prefer it but don't just live in wood they will live in soil as well. Their are some ants as well that live in wood one of them being Crematogaster sp's. Allot of ants will take up home in an old Campo or Creamatogaster colony that is just an empty and full of galleries and chambers! not that different than this plant!

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Well, its sure worth a shot!