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Ant plants seedling


M. tuberosa from Sarawak 5/5 100% survival

H. formicarum from Singapore 1/2 50% survival

M. sp. from Unknown Origin 7/7 100% survival

H. formicarum from Thailand 6/6 100% survival

M. tuberosa flower/fruit/seedling


M. echinata

H. formicarum
very cool, i like ant plants also. are you growing any Lecanopteris?
[b said:
Quote[/b] (rattler_mt @ June 20 2005,6:36)]very cool, i like ant plants also. are you growing any Lecanopteris?

Thanks! I only have one L. luzonensis, but it has had problem few weeks after I received it. Any help would be great. I really apprecaited. I hope it can make it!

06/04/2005 First day I received it!


06/18/2005 Hope it can make it!

i have minimal experiance. ionly have one and fortunatly its growing really well.

actually yours didnt look to healthy from day one. how are you growing yours?
Yeap! That's what I thought when I received it. I did not consider it was very healthy tho. I use 100% sphagnum moss. Do you mind to tell me where did you get yours?

i got it from Harry at Cloud Jungle Epiphytes. i grow it in LFS, keep it damp but not wet in fairly high humidity(~75%) and in my slightly cool house hold temps 65 night-80ish day
Are the Ant ferns true ferns or just fern ally?
rattler_mt, Same place! Thanks for info...

superimposedhope, My understanding that Ant fern is ture fern. Correct me if I am wrong!
Harry is a good guy. ive done quite a bit of trading and buisness with him latly. maybe it had a rough time in shipping.

Joe, as far as i know its a true fern. but info is scarce so im not 100% sure
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Harry has always been a good trader and businessman to me. I'm sure it was a shipping thing or an accident.

I've noticed that alot of ferns don't have any info on the net. The Crocodyle fern is the same way.

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Harry has good ant plants for sure! I think it might be my mistake. It was too wet probably. I got my M. echinata and H. formicarum from him too.

Joe, You are right! Not very easy to get useful info online about ferns.
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even a well packed plant can have a rough time in shipping. getting set in a to hot or to cold vehicle can do alot of damage even if packaged right if it sits there long enough. i fully believe Harry didnt do it on purpose, he is to nice a guy.