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I Am the Terror Of the Night!
Jun 28, 2014
Zone 5
Lately Ive been noticing that members are updating trade lists and posting
about requests in regards to trading. I really enjoy the trading aspect of this forum
and sometimes I overlook peoples trades, or theyre just obscure enough for me not to
find/notice. Even sometimes members go inactive for a while.
So I had an idea.

I will start a seasonal thread occasionally, (Spring, Summer, Fall)
and its dedicated to people actively looking for trades. (Trades valid for 2 months)

IT would help get the community looking for trades, and be easier to see what people have that specific season, All in a large thread.
It would help specifically for those looking for flowers, seasonals, or seed/plant material that they want to trade out in the next couple months.
You could still directly search for growlists/trades manually if needed. This thread would be for quick access
and seasonal plants. Then the thread could be closed and a new one made for different season change.

Like this:

Trade Season: Spring 2015

Currently Available:

Aichryson laxum - Cutting
Crassula ovata – Jade plant cutting
Nerium Oleander
Atropa Belladonna – Nightshade
Mimosa Pudica – Sensitive plant
Cotton Plant Seeds
Carolina Reaper
Ghost Chili
Larkspur – Blue spire
Larkspur – Mixed
Tropaeolum Peregrinum (Yellow Canary Climber)
Asclepias tuberosa – Butterfly weed
Rose Queen Cleome
Foxglove - Excelsior Hybrid
Papaver rhoeas

Looking For:

Good idea that anybody else would enjoy/join into? ideas are appreciated.