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A very rare opportunity!

Any help to promote this expedition to photograph the world's most unusual plant would be most appreciated. For illustration see;
This coming July I am planning to visit remote Bougainville Island an autonomous territory of Papua New Guinea situated in the tropical northern Solomon Islands archipelago where after much research I have high confidence that the above truly weird and wonderful endemic plant will be located. It has surely never been photographed.
Almost certainly H. guppyanum and Myrmecodia tuberosa "salomonensis" will also be seen as well some of the highly unusual ant-plant Dischidia species. If a short stop at Rabaul on New Ireland is included we can very probably add M. tuberosa "dahlii' to our list of tuberous ant-plant species. Also orchids, Nepenthes and much more.
Ashley Banwell of, http://worldbirders.com/
will be organising and leading the tour alongside Bougainvillean guides. I will be providing ant-plant expertise.
Having sufficient additional participants will cuts costs for us all.
If you are interested in joining us please contact Ashley at; email@worldbirders.com
and perhaps expressing interest herein.
I am curious as to possible responses.

For background information, I am the author of Ant-plants: Arboreal Wonders of Nature.
See http://www.australiansucculents.com/
Derrick J. Rowe
Those who may wish to stopover in north Queensland to photograph the Australian species will be provided with many tips during the expedition.
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Of course north Queensland has many interesting sundews, byblis, and a few Nepenthes species.