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  1. eou812

    Ean's trade and want list

    Ean's want list LFS moss/Live Spahgnum moss any kind Drosophyllum any kind Heliamhpora any kind except Heliamphora heteradoxa x minor Cephalotus any kind except typical Sarracenia Sarracenia alabamensis Sarracenia alata Sarracenia jonesii Sarracenia minor Sarracenia oreophila Sarracenia...
  2. klasac

    February pictures

    Hi! It has been some time since I posted pictures here, so I uploaded fresh photos of few plants of mine. February is the shortest month, but the longest and hardest for me, since I wait for the spring so impatiently. :-) Plants like these help me get through it:-) (Some are new species to my...
  3. CPlantaholic

    CP presentation- Looking for several genera of CP seeds- no viability required! :)

    Hey everyone, I'm planning to give a presentation to a Biological Sciences club here at Iowa State University in a little over a month and would like to show some examples of different carnivorous plant seed genera. I'm all set in the Drosera department, and I also already have Drosophyllum...
  4. eou812

    Ean's Grow List

    Ean's Grow List & semi want list Hi this is my Grow list. A lot of these plants i have way more than one. Cephalotus (Albany pitcher plant) follicularis Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) D. typical D. red dragon D. B52 D. crimson sawtooth Pitcher plants (Sarracenia) S. flava var. flava S...
  5. C

    picture book about South Africa

    Hi, as some of you may have noticed, i have done a CP-Tour, together with three german cper, through the western cape of South Africa last year. We have put together a picture book from this trip. The book is a hardcover in the Format of 21cm x 21cm. It has 206 pages (198 for pictures), fully...
  6. PitcherPlantr

    Roridula Germination

    I have herd of the Roridula and when I saw it I immediately went on a search for some seeds. No long after I started I found a generous grower from the Czech Republic Growing selling some seeds. I contacted him and 2 weeks later I got the seeds. I planted them in 1:1 peat and sand CP soil. In...
  7. W

    Necps show 2010

    All I can say is WOW!!!!! More pics and stories from the show will follow. For those of you who couldn't make it, start thinking about going next year! The Providence TF Green Airport is only about 5 minutes from Roger Williams Park where the show is, you can get good deals on the nearby...
  8. D

    New Stewart McPherson Books

    I just picked up my copies of 'Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats Vol. 1 & Vol. 2' a couple of days ago. Once again I am very impressed with the 1442 pages of carnivorous plant genera spread out over the two tomes in this latest offering. Of interest to me was the 34 pages each of text...
  9. C

    Roridula dentata in South Africa

    Hi, here are some pictures of R. dentata from the Cedar Mountains. We only found one very small population of about 15 plants gorwing in about 10 square meters. We only found them at this single spot! A fire is definitely necessary to ensure the survival of the plants in that location. I hope...
  10. C

    Roridula gorgonias in South Africa

    Hello, for a change to all the Drosera, here is Roridula gorgonias from the Fernkloof Nature Reserve. Christian
  11. SirKristoff

    Friend of mine's greenhouse...Severe dial up warning. youve been warned ;P

    Was at my friends house before we went out for the bog trip today, and ended up taking a ton of pictures...So here they are. We will start with the misc. stuff and work our way up the neps Byblis liniflora tray Roridula gorgonia Drosophyllum lusitanicum Drosera rotundifolia Drosera...
  12. klasac

    some dews and other CPs

    Hello, yesterday I finally got some spare time so I took the oportunity to take some quick shots of some plants. I hope you like them:-) roridula gorgonias cuttings started growing heliamphora minor divisions started growing heliamphora tatei var. tatei drosera falconeri coming out of...
  13. BigBella

    Efficiencies of Carnivorous Plants . . .

    I was flipping through a German book -- Karnivoren, (http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=114346&highlight=karnivoren) -- the other night (in a very successful effort to get drowsy), which had a table listing the various chemical components necessary for carnivorous plants to...
  14. mass

    Mass's GrowList

    Growlist Cuttings Seeds * = germination P. lusitanica D. regia D. Ultramafica x spatulata D. madagascariensis D. intermedia (France) #4 D. anglica (French Jura Mtns) #3 Drosophyllum (Algeciras) #5 * Drosophyllum (Los Barrios) #1 Drosophyllum (Picacho) #6 N. (veitchii x boschiana) x...
  15. Feder

    Feder`s growlist

    Aldrovanda Aldrovanda vesiculosa Cephalotus Cephalotus follicularis Dioneas: (2) Dionaea tipica Dionea red (not a clon, just red hybrids of them) Droseras: (53) Tropicals and Sub-tropicals: D.admirabilis D.affinis D.affinis hybrid (Viv) D.aliciae D.anglica Hawaii D.ascendens D.binata...
  16. maxposwillo

    Sundew Pics!

    Drosera porrecta Drosera lowrei Drosera erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa Drosera aff. macrantha Roridula gorgonias Drosera capensis 'Red' Drosera regia Enjoy the photos!
  17. SDCPs

    SDCPs's grow list

    ~SDCPs's Growlist~ As of 2019 live in Texas panhandle zone 7a, growing outdoors only (except for p. gigantea) UPDATED April 2021 Growlist: Drosera D. filiformis - Ocean NJ D. filansofolia original D. capensis Montagu Pass, SA Dionaea -group 3x ebay -group Slovakia ebay -group Dean Cook...
  18. aaddaam

    roridula help

    well i now have a r. gorgonias but iam wondering if the humidity is to high for it. the humidity is at about 80% but if i turned the fan up more it might afftect the other plants. i also was thinking for those of us who cant get our plants close enough to the lights if we could use a very...
  19. jimscott

    Looking to get some things back in the collection

    I am looking for: B. iniflora seeds' D. rotundifolia D. graminifolia Drsophyllum seeds Roridula seeds P. agnata P. florian any Petiolaris Complex other than lanata and petiolaris any sundew not on my grow list I have many butterworts, a few sundews, and a few basic utrics to trade.
  20. Cindy

    Fresh lowland Nep seeds for trade

    TRADE ONLY, NOT SELLING 1. veitchii x veitchii 2. veitchii x ampullaria Genera/species seeds I am interested in: Drosophyllum Byblis (other than liniflora) Genlisea Roridula Other petiolaris complex seeds Please send a PM. Thanks! :)