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  1. S

    Necps show!

    Hello everyone! What a weekend! The NECPS show was spectacular. We topped last years attendence by a mile...Last year we got 196 visitors...this year we hit 310!! People brought the most amazing plants, and we had representatives from every genous....Even drosophyllum, genlesia and roridula...
  2. srduggins

    Have: cephalotus seed

    I have a few, (15 - 20), fresh cephalotus seeds left over from a trade. I am looking for these seeds: Sarracenia flava 'red tube' (atropurpurea or rubricorpora) Drosera regia Roridula Please PM any offers.
  3. W

    Necps meeting update

    Hey Everyone - We had another NECPS first on Saturday; more plants for auction than for display. Two Tables crammed FULL of Silent Auction Loot!: 6 - Drosera intermedias 6 - Drosera anglicas 7 - Drosera binatas a stunning 2 foot tall S. leucophylla (donated by Dr Matt Opel) a stunning 2 foot...
  4. M

    Roridula gorgonia...

    I just found a Roridula Gorgonia for sale, the seller said that it is a carnivorous plant, and it looked like the drosera forum would be the place to ask about it. What can you tell me about it, care-wise? I kinda like it, very cool-looking plant. Thanks /Quensel
  5. N

    Roridula dentata

    Does anyone know where I could find roridula? Is there anywhere that sells them? Or does someone have some? Thanks, Craig
  6. W

    Uconn amorphophallus titan

    Hey everyone - I just saw this notice from Matt at the UCONN Greenhouses in Storrs, Connecticut: The pseudo-carnivorous plant Amorphophallus titanum is going to be blooming at the University of Connecticut (Storrs, Ct, USA) sometime around June 30th, a first for the New England area. You can...
  7. D

    byblis, drosophyllum seed

    I suppose I can ask this since pft doesn't sell byblis/drosophyllum. Does anyone know where to obain any of the following: drosophyllum seed b. gigantea b. roridula b. filifolia seeds of b. gigantea Thanks. If someone knows, please pm me. Matt
  8. N


    I have become fascinated, to a certain extent, with the "Tales of Roridula." I guess what people say about the plant isn't THAT fascinating, but I till would love to have one and watch the symbiosis between the plant, the capsid/assassin bugs (are these the same thing?), and the spiders. So...
  9. A

    More rare seeds to trade

    those are fresh seeds and germinate tested Roridula gorgonias and Drosophyllum please PM or e-mail looking for uncommon Drosser's seeds or plants Nepenthes rooted cuttings or other CP's (not common ones) Arie
  10. P


    leucophysalis grows sticky leaves that catch small gnats and then tiny (1\8in.) assasin bugs eat the gnats (much in the matter of roridula). I don`t know if that classifys as a carnivore or not. I just found it growing in my yard one day and said "hey thats cool it`s like a roridula" and decided...
  11. W

    Necps carnivorous plant show

    Hi Everyone If you are in the area, set aside the following date: Saturday, October 11, for The First Annual New England Carnivorous Plant Society Show!!! It will be at Roger Williams Park Greenhouse in Providence, Rhode Island. 11 am to 8pm, $3.00. And BE SURE TO STICK AROUND UNTIL IT GETS...
  12. S

    Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor for trade

    Hi, I have two more heliamphora hetrodoxa x minor for trade. Thes are small plants with 1" tall pitchers. I am looking for roridula Nepenthes ampularia Nepenthes bicalcurata Genlisea other heliamphora (preferebly H. nutans) Drosera slackii Pm me if you have any othr offers though! Thanks...
  13. C

    Germinating roridula

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how long it takes for Roridula(both sp) to germinate? Please post your experiences.
  14. L

    Roridula on the way!

    Hello, I'm new to this forum; I have Roridula seeds on the way from S.A. I've been fascinated by this plant since I saw a segment on a botanical video documenting the life cycle of the plant and it's assassin (sp?) bug counterparts. It's a very fascinating relationship they have and if anyone...
  15. K

    Byblis seed germination

    Hi there: I am thinking of getting the following seeds in for germination.  However, I don't know much about them and the best way to get them germinated.  I would appreciate if I have some good advice from some of more experienced grower out there.     I plane to get (if possible) all the...
  16. J


    Hey does any body here have extras of this plant or its seeds that you would be willing to trade? i have nepethes to trade, lots of coccinea which I have posted in the trading forum, and others as well. Joel
  17. swords

    Roridula denata growers?

    I received today some seeds of R. dentata and I know that seeds should be sown as soon as possible but I'm not sure what sort of process these plants need to germinate-do they need anything special like scarification, hot/cold stratification, a mini-brush fire on top of it's pot or some kind of...
  18. C

    Scarifying seeds

    I just got ahold of some Roridula Dentata seeds, and they require scarification to germinate. I'll probably try half with a cigarrette and a dome to trap the smoke and half with burning either grass or paper. Has anyone tried this for seeds and gotten decent germination?
  19. D

    What plants do you grow?

    Of the plants in this room's title, what plants do y'all (attemp at Texas drawl) grow? Possibilities: Bromeliads - Brocchinia reducta, Catopsis berteroniana Ibicella lutea (a.k.a. Devil's claw, unicorn plant) Roridula - ssp. gorgonias and dentata Triphyophyllum peltatum (;)) There are other...
  20. A

    and what about roridula

    hope that right place for it even if it isn't true CP arie