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All I can say is WOW!!!!!

More pics and stories from the show will follow. For those of you who couldn't make it, start thinking about going next year! The Providence TF Green Airport is only about 5 minutes from Roger Williams Park where the show is, you can get good deals on the nearby hotels, and NECPS members would gladly bring you to the show from your hotel.

Here's the first tease, from the back room where the NECPS members only awesome silent auction rules. They had to have a fire extinguisher in there because the items and bidding got so hot. I'm mean, how many of us have actually ever even SEEN a Roridula dentata in person? Dr. Matt's award winning plant was up for grabs on Sunday:


Other loot on Sunday up for grabs:

Heliamphora heterodoxa nutans
Nepenthes belli x truncata
Drosera regia
Nepenthes jamban

I'm not sure what exactly was in the auction Saturday, except I know I donated a Cephalotus hummer's giant (we let a kid win that for like 16 or bucks or so) and Schloaty donated one of his mantids.

Schloaty - do you remember any of the other items?
I donated a PAIR of mantids, thank you very much. :)

Let's see - there was a really nice reptile tank (one of those special ones with the glass double doors)
a floating plant basket for growing stuff in a koi pond or whatever.
N. hookeriana x viking ( I think?)
a FREAKING HUGE s. flava. No...not just freaking.... I mean... it went to plaid! (that is a reference that only people over a certain age are likely to get)
Couple of mystery sars (mystery because I don't remember, lol)
a division of MY S. moorei (blue ribbon - well, this year RED ribbon. Second place out of 67 entries isn't bad)

Oh - I snagged the belli x truncata. :)

I have 150 or 160 pictures to muddle through, so it's going to be a little while before I have my pics ready....