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  1. mass

    Nepenthes uppers or not?

    Okay, so all the N. 'Effulgent Koto' pitchers I've seen have stripes on the peristome. However, mine hasn't made a single striped peristome pitcher. So I just figured they'll get their stripes when they get bigger. Well, they're getting pretty big and still no stripes. I have two of these...
  2. A

    Extra stabilised plants to let go

    This year manage to get a lot of extra plants, PM me if you interested each is 8cm diameter, exchange only Offer end at 22april2011 N. sanguinea (Genting Highland) N. sibuyanensis N. burbidgeae N. ventricosa (Black peristome) N. diatas N. madagascariensis N. x 'Konak' - (N.albomarginata...
  3. seedjar

    Making space - N. alata x maxima

    I know at least one person asked me about these, but unfortunately I can't remember your name - sorry! I have fifteen well-rooted stem cuttings with healthy side-nodes available to ship bare-root. (Also three apical cuttings but you'll have to make a really good offer if you want one of those.)...
  4. Smitty

    Nerds little green room pitcher picture show.

    I thought since I have been growing some things for a little while now. It would be only proper to introduce the site, in which I spend a lot of time at, my little collection I have started. I have just completed my build of the new room. Pics will follow shortly on the room.....Here are some...
  5. xQuinnx

    Quinn's grow list =)

    Nepenthes: Khasiana Ventrata Spectabilis "Giant" x Aristolochioides Truncata "Pasian" No ID, possibly Alata Ramispina Ventricosa "Black Peristome" Miranda Truncata Queen of Hearts x King of Spades Drosera: Capensis Aliciae Nidiformis seedlings Capensis 'Red' seedlings Dichotoma Prolifera...
  6. Soopaman

    Article on possible new form of Nepenthes edwardsiana

    I was just browsing around the internet earlier and came across an article detailing what may be a new form of Nepenthes edwardsiana that exhibits a much darker, even somewhat purple peristome and shorter, more orange pitcher. Field biologist Richard Astley has described it as the most amazing...
  7. Smitty

    NY Plant Nerds List!

    Plants Currently Grown: This list isn't complete...pardon me :) Nepenthes: N. merrilliana N. ventricosa x ephippiata N. ventricosa x hamata N. mirabilis var. echinostoma N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana N. khasiana N maxima x trusmadiensis N gracilis N splendiana x (rokko x stenophylla)...
  8. thez_yo

    CP pictures!

    Nepenthes hamata Nepenthes flava Nepenthes hamata red hairy Nepenthes Song of Melancholy, Nepenthes campanulata x (spectabilis x talangensis), Nepenthes veitchii K pygmy Drosera Nepenthes aristolochioides Nepenthes tentaculata Nepenthes macrophylla Nepenthes sp. "Doorman's top...
  9. SirKristoff

    N. fusca "Flared Peristome" nectar pigment

    Never would have figured this plant would produce nectar that looks identical to N. sanguinea nectar... only the nextar on the peristome has pigment, the rest is clear, normal nectar but ill post pics of that too haha... its a down right drooler.
  10. mass

    January POTM Winners!!

    Here are your January 2010 POTM winners! Congratulations everyone.. :hail: 1st. adilevi424@gm ~ N. aristolochoides 2nd. Dexenthes ~ N. spectabilis x talangensis 3rd. SirKristoff ~ N. fusca Flared Peristome
  11. uphwiz

    Nepenthes ventricosa x truncata (king of spades)

    its starting to grow rapidly as i have started increasing my photo-period I'm up to ten hours a day , and am adding a 1/2hour each week ( I do it every Sunday so I don't forget) till I reach 14 hours a day, on all terrariums and the grow shelf. looks like it has the same cupping lid as the N...
  12. uphwiz

    highland terrarium

    this terrarium will be my model if i do another one :-)), right If LOL.:-)) I like the three door on two tracks it makes it very easy to get all plants as you can slide the smaller end doors all the way aginst the other end door and the main center door can slide all the way to the right and...
  13. DavyJones

    My modest setup! DUW

    It's been quite some time since I've done a photo update, and with a nice snowy Saturday upon me, I thought I would take a few shots. With the doldrums of winter upon my plants, pitcher production has been low, and I'm looking forward to summer coming for many reasons. I'm hoping to thin my...
  14. SirKristoff

    Nepenthes jacquelineae, lets see yours

    My N. jacquelineae is getting some really nice size to it, and just opened this trap the other day... Its traps turn deep red with a dark red to black peristome depending on the lighting the plant is getting, this trap will likely get very dark red over the next week or so, but is FINALLY...
  15. thez_yo

    Some pics of some of my plants!

    Here's my chocolate tree...when the leaves grow in, they're almost translucent! here's my only flowering Phalaenopsis mannii orchid my biggest Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea (biggest because I've had it longest) the Phalaenopsis on the top shelf of my orchid rack the Phalaenopsis...
  16. SirKristoff

    January Nepenthes

    Had some spare time today and thought i would take a few pics... Enjoy Nepenthes lowii x campanulata Nepenthes flava Newly opened N. spectabilis North Sumatra lower trap N. ventricosa x angasanensis N. ventricosa N. fusca Flared Peristome N. ventricosa red x talangensis N...
  17. F

    A few Nepenthes

    After being overseas for 3 week I came home to some pleasant surprises. Since the Sarrs are all dormant Neps will have to do for now :) The N. lowii x campanulata is finally throwing some beautiful pitchers and seems to have a very toothy peristome: I had thought that the N. gracilis var...
  18. thez_yo

    Show me your N. hamata!

    I do mean Nepenthes, but if you've got a different genus with the species name N. hamata that's awesome too :p Here's some older pics of mine because I'm away from home right now: SG BE N. hamata pitcher when I first got it (it's finally working on pitchers again now that it's acclimated, but...
  19. mobile

    Dripping N. fusca

    I only grow a few Nepenthes, as I don't have ideal conditions for them, but one that does OK for me in N. fusca (flared peristome). The pitchers on this plant 'drip' with nectar...
  20. Grey Moss

    New pics

    Its been a while since I've taken pictures of my plants. Most are looking a bit rough right now but there are some I thought I'd share. I have 5 splendiana x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii] seedlings and am loving them even more as they mature. Each one is unique. Here is the largest Here...