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Dec 11, 2004
Olympia, Washington
I know at least one person asked me about these, but unfortunately I can't remember your name - sorry! I have fifteen well-rooted stem cuttings with healthy side-nodes available to ship bare-root. (Also three apical cuttings but you'll have to make a really good offer if you want one of those.) They are not pitchering at the moment due to the cloning process and may need several months to begin again, but I can assure you that they are in excellent health and come from extremely vigorous stock. This plant was durable and produced surprisingly large pitchers as rosettes, and absolutely beastly once vining. Probably won't be getting rid of them all, because they're part of a cloning experiment I'm doing, but I need to make room to chop some other vines.
Most were two-node cuttings with one activated node, but a few were three-node cuttings and/or have two nodes developing. Unless there's overwhelming demand and I end up releasing most of them, you should be getting plants that have already passed the proto-leaf stage and have proper tendrils on them, but these tendrils are unlikely to inflate.
Here's a picture of the last remaining upper/intermediate pitcher on the rootstock:

(Thumbnail - click for full size.)
The lighting is not the best and this was actually the oldest pitcher at the time I chopped my vines down. I have pictures of proper uppers that I can link you to via PM - I would post them here but they're not on a public venue and at the moment I'm too lazy to move them over to my Photobucket account. I will also put up some shots of the individuals offered. Pics of other alata x maxima are available at BobZ's site:
My clone(s) do not usually develop the reddish coloration shown in some other growers' photos. I got them as two separate plants so there may be genetic distinctions, but they look and behave identically so I'm increasingly doubtful and have no way to distinguish them at this point. You can expect dark purple/black spotting and peristome on a lime green/yellowish background, with a lighter shade of green and less pronounced spotting on the inside. Judging by pictures I appear to have plants of the same lineage or at least color profile as Jeremiah Harris' alata x maxima. My records are slightly out-of-date but I should be able to provide the name of the grower I received these from if you want to investigate further.
As the title says, I am releasing these chiefly to make space. I absolutely will not trade these for a larger quantity of common plants. I appreciate such offers, and apologize for not being able to entertain them, but I simply do not have the means to take on much more at this time. Valuable/rare plants, larger/vining Nepenthes that I can use for future clones, or temperate plants appropriate for cold and wet Pacific NW winters are preferred.
Alternately, growing equipment, computer/electronics parts, RC toys, CP books, hard-to-find videogames, etc. may pique my interest. Being that my major constraints are time and growing space, I can be much more flexible on non-plant offers. No promises, but I may also be persuaded to trade for proportionate groups of common Mexi-Pings or other characteristically small species, though only on the condition that you can hold your side of the trade until a later date when I have space and materials to pot up new additions to my collection - in such situations I'm happy to advance you my plants so long as I recognize you to be a reliable and trustworthy part of the community.
If you PM me with an offer, please clearly state what you're looking for in the title to help me stay organized.
Thanks for reading - had no idea I'd get this detailed just for a trade post. XD
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