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  1. nepenthesmatt

    Matthew's Growlist Thousand Oaks CA. 'updated'

    MY GROW LIST Nepenthes Highland Nepenthes alata alata 'Luzon female' diates fusca (seed) izumae macfarlanii maxima 'female' maxima f. suburba rajah spectabilis clone 1 north sumatra truncata 'pashin highland' ventricosa Lowland albomarginata 'kuching spotted NE2AB' anamensis...
  2. bucky78

    Spring Photos!

    Just thought that I would start a new thread and post a few pics that I took today. S. Moorei Big Red S. Catesbaei "Grande" from the Wilkerson Bog Back view of Catesbaei "Grande" S. "Bud Wilkerson" S. 'Leah Wilkerson' S. Flava Coppertop S. Mitchelliana x Moorei Big Red S. Copper...
  3. W

    A couple nice looking sarrs

    S. flava cuprea S. x mitchelliana X x moorei D. 'Marston's Dragon' with a sad looking N. 'Medusa' S. 'Red Sumatra' S. oreophila - Heavy Veined
  4. Victoria

    Sarracenia for Nepenthes

    After lots of consideration I have decided to trade all of my Sarrs. I really like them but I just dont have much time to be outside to enjoy them. So I have the following for trade: S. "Bugscoop" S. 'Mitchelliana' S. readii "Alabama Red" S. "Scarlet Belle" x S. flava "Red Tube" S...
  5. S

    Steve Sykes' Sarracenia current trade list

    Hello everyone, Here is what I currently have available for trade as of 3/28/07: S. flava copper top - Horry County, South Carolina (Botanique) - one of my favorite plants S. flava rubricorpa Apalachicola national forest, Florida S. flava rugelli Apalachicola national forest, Florida S. flava...
  6. bucky78

    Bucky's Trade List

    Here are a few of the plants that I can offer up for trade. I am mainly looking for Sarracenia or VFTs that aren't on my growlist. Plants of particular interest to me are: S. Frogman, S. Rubra Jonesii Red Form (I know you can't trade but if anyone has a spare, I would love to have it!), and VFT...
  7. S

    LOTS of Sarracenia and filiformis for Trade

    Hello everyone, Here is what I currently have available for trade as of 3/28/07: S. flava copper top - Horry County, South Carolina (Botanique) - One of my favorite plants S. flava rubricorpora Apalachicola national forest, Florida S. flava rugelli Apalachicola forest, Florida S. flava var...
  8. -=Joel=-

    Joels Growlist

    Drosophyllum Drosophyllum Lusitanicum - Ubrique, Spain Nepenthes (Rokko x Veitchii) x Veitchii Alata Marston Exotics Argentii Aristolochioides G.Kerinci Area Aristolochioides Bical Boschiana Gunung Sakumbang, Kalimantan, Indonesia Burbidgeae Burkei Chaniana x Vietchii Clipeata x Eymae...
  9. G

    gr8oz's GROWLIST

    Gr8oz's Growlist *****Always out-of-date due to new arrivals and ongoing inventory***** * indicates extras available for trade DIONEA MUSCIPULA A2 Akai Ryu All Green * Arching Flat Skinny Leaves B1 B-52 Banded Blood Red Traps Big Jaws x Dente * Big Mouth * Big Vigorous Bohemian Garnet...
  10. bucky78

    Bucky78s Growlist

    Here's my growlist. Where the plants are in red indicates that I have extras that are available. PM me if interested in trades etc. Drosera D. Filliformis ssp. Filliformis D. Filliformis ssp. Tracyi D. Filliformis Florida Red D. Intermedia D. Rotundifolia VFTs 1955 Typical 1979 A2 Akai Ryu...
  11. indymental

    Indymentals growlist u.k

    SARRACENIA alata typical alata-double flower alata black tube alata red lid areolata brooks hybrid catesbai chelsonii comptonensis ex Bank farm 218 courtii courtii x wrigleyana dianne whittaker dixie lace excellens x leucophylla excellens red flower excellens yellow flower...
  12. F

    flytraps2000's growlist

    Hello everyone, here is my grow list.  Little old with some additions missing but pretty accurate. Current 2/05 additions coming soon, couple losses to. Aldrovanda ald1 Japanese form ald2 Australian red form NSW near Mertens Creek above Big Mertens Falls near Mitchel Falls, Kimberley...
  13. S

    Royal horticultural society

    Hello everyone Just a few pics from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants' display at the show today. Sarracenia purpurea S. x mitchelliana (if I recall correctly...) One of my favourite Sarracenia hybrids - S. x courtii The beautiful S. cv. 'Juthatip Soper' The only description for this...
  14. T

    My growlist :p

    Nepenthes Lowland N. alata N. albomarginata N. ampullaria "Speckled" # N. ampullaria "Green" N. anamensis N. gracilis ''black'' N. hirsuta N. merrilliana N. mirabilis N. mirabilis (squat) N. northiana N. rafflesiana (creme) N. reinwardtiana N. truncata Highland N. sanguinea N...
  15. K

    K shaman

    Byblis B. liniflora                                                           Cephalotus follicularis C. follicularis                                                     Dionaea Muscipula D. muscipula                                                       D. muscipula Big Jaws F2  ...
  16. W

    C. wolf's growlist

    Edited 12-20-08 last updated 6-1-09 Dionea -D. 'Red Dragon' -D. 'Dentate' -D. 'Typical' -D. 'Pink Venus' -D. 'Low Giant' -D. 'Big Mouth' -D. 'Long Red Fingers' -D. 'Big Jaws' -D. 'Dingleys Giant' Drosera -D. adelae -D. alicae -D. binata multifidia extrema -D. burmanni (Beerwah, QSD) -D...
  17. Jeremiah Harris

    Jeremiah's growlist

    GrowList 2020 Jeremiah Harris Carnivorous Plant Growlist Colorado Springs CO Jeremiahsplants@comcast.net Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Brocchinia B. reducta Bybilis B. filifolia “Flowers mauve with pale lemon back”-Boulk area South Peninsular Kimberley W.A. B. liniflora Jeremiah's Cephalotus...
  18. goldtrap2690

    Names of simple sarracenia hybrids

    Hi , I was collecting info on all the names of simple Sarracenia hybrids . I've found a few innacurate names , misspellings and i have'nt found all the names either so i need some help here . So far I've coem up with this list : 1. Sarracenia purpurea x flava = S. x catesbaei 2. Sarracenia...
  19. R

    Rob-rah - uk - growlist

    (Updated April 2005) Some (as marked) is seed awaiting germination... <span style='color:green'>Aldrovanda</span> Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Lake Dlugie, Eastern Poland - Bestcarnivorousplants) <span style='color:green'>Byblis</span> Byblis gigantea (Bibbulman Track, robust - Allen Lowrie) (seed)...
  20. S

    Sarracenia's growlist

    last update: Feb. 9, 2011 SARRACENIA SPECIES alata - TX flava leucophylla - 'Tarnok' leucophylla - yellow-flowerd leucophylla - Hurricane Creek White minor oreophila purpurea ssp. purpurea rubra gulfensis - antho-free HYBRIDS alata "alabama red" x (purpurea x flava red tube) alabamensis x...