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  1. S

    Some shots from the greenhouse

    My wife is a botany professor and runs the greenhouse on campus, so I get to "hijack" space in there for myself! Here's some shots i took earlier today. I apologize now for any lighting issues or photo quality. My camera sucks and it's hard to tell how a photo turns out until after I look at...
  2. back2eight

    Got Neps. Looking for Sars

    I have the following Nepenthes that I can trade. All are about 3-4 inches in diameter. Distillatoria Spectabilis x talangensis Bicalcarata orange Smilesii Reibwardtiana Hirsuta ventricosa x mira albomarginata green sibuyanensis diatas sibuyanensis x ventricosa Densiflora Ampullaria x...
  3. back2eight

    My Sar Grow List and Question

    S. Luecophylla "Tarnok" S. Purpurea S. "Judith Hindle" S. Scarlette Belle S. Rubra S. x "Dana's Delight" S. 'Doodle Bug' S. 'Lady Bug' S. 'Love Bug' S. 'Red Bug' S. x catesbaei S. WRIGLEYANA S. DIXIE LACE S. MARDI GRAS S. Flava (yellow trumpet) S. Minor S. "Starry Night" S. Alata red throat x...
  4. 8

    rubyjewby's grow list

    Carniv. Plant GROW LIST: (It just doesn't seem like I have this many!?):0o: I also have lots of live sphagnum moss! NEPENTHES: -alata* -diatas -maxima -ventrata* -sangala -spatulata -mikeii -obvata -ventricosa -sanguinea ‘green’* -sanguinea ‘red’ -fusca -gymnamphora -khasiana -platychila...
  5. Brokken

    Late Bloomers

    Some late pitchering sarras: S x 'Abandoned Hope' S x 'Adrian Slack' S x 'Dana's Delight' S x 'excellens' S. flava var. 'Rubicorpora' S x 'Ladies in Waiting' S x 'Leah Wilkerson' S. leucophylla S x 'Mitchelliana' S x 'Readii' S x 'Scarlet Belle'
  6. bpullin

    bpullin's growlist

    Flytraps: Typical Red Dragon Pink Venus Colorado Drosera: Filiformis Typical Filiformis x California Sunset Intermidia Marston Dragon Beliziana Ping: Sarrs: Flava Judith Hindle Catesbei Purpurea Scarlett Belle Leuco Leuco x Tarnok...
  7. maxposwillo

    Some Sarracenia Photos

    Here are a couple nice looking Sarracenia at the moment... Sarracenia x 'Readii' Sarracenia x 'Catesbaei' Sarracenia x 'Harvest of Gold' Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea x flava Sarracenia x 'Mitchelliana' Sarracenia leucophylla Sarracenia rubra x purpurea Sarracenia x...
  8. Brokken

    3 Sarracenia

    I have a sarracenia x mitchelliana (leucophylla x purpurea), catesbaei (flava x purpurea), and flava var flava. I would like to trade all three to the same person. Looking for a nice sarracenia cultivar or nep. PM me if interested.
  9. Brokken

    Closeups of Sarracenias

    Here are some close ups from some of my plants: Sarracenia alata Sarracenia x alata Sarracenia x 'Dana's Delight' Sarracenia x 'Dixie Lace' Sarracenia x formosa Sarracenia x 'Godzuki' Sarracenia jonesii Sarracenia x 'Judith Hindle' Sarracenia x 'Ladies in Waiting'...
  10. klasac

    some of my CPs in the summer:-)

    Hi! I took some pictures over the weekendand would like to share with you. S. 'Mitchelliana' P.'Sethos' H.minor some pygmies D.nitidula ssp. omissa/pulchella D.sewelliae crazy 3cm big D.spatulata d.rotundifolia d.anglica from leaf cuttings d. burmanii...
  11. Napp

    Growlist Napp

    Sarracenia alata SA01 S. alata -- green light veins, (JJ labat) SA02 S. alata -- double flower (dennisB) SA03a S. alata -- double flower (davy) SA03b S. alata -- double white flowered form (UK. Andy Collins A09) SA04 S. alata -- frayed flower (Gerd germany) SA05 S. alata -- nigropurpurea,very...
  12. maxposwillo

    Sarracenia Photos

    Enjoy the Photos! Sarracenia alata 'Black' x flava 'Red' Sarracenia x Catesbaei Sarracenia flava var. rugelli Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora Sarracenia flava var. cuprea Sarracenia flava Sarracenia flava hybrid? Sarracenia x Moorei 'Green' Sarracenia minor var...
  13. W

    Early Summer pics

    This is a plant I grew out by seed and selected from a group. I was very happy with how it turned out. S. 'Adrian Slack' D. 'Pink Venus' S. oreophila x 'Royal Ruby', with one pitcher so large I couldn't get it in the photo! S. 'Royal Ruby' S. 'Daniel Rudd' S. mitchelliana x 'Royal...
  14. kentosaurs

    Pictures of my plant

    Hi everyone Here are some pictures from my small collection of plants i hope you enjoy and don't forget to COMMENT:-D A nice big miranda pitcher Raffs...Same plant the left is a newer pitcher what form is it? Hi its me!! Oh you don't know me..Okays then my name is mixta x fusca upper...
  15. kentosaurs

    S x Mitchelliana

    Hi Cp lovers..... Okays so i have my mitchelliana for some time now about 3/4 of a year and i got it from a local nursery and so far it has shown no signs of dormancy and probally when it was at the nursery it didn't to considering it looks very healthy....When i bought it pitchers were around...
  16. theqisback84

    theqisback84's grow list

    s. purpurea x psittacina x rubra s. flava s. leucophyllia "tarnok" s. dixie lace s. alata "maroon throat" s. minor s. hummer hammerhead s. Mitchelliana x Purpurea s . "Judith Hindle" 38 unknown s. rhizomes s. seed s. alata red/black s. leucophyllia d. spathulanta d. binata d. slackii d...
  17. kentosaurs

    Kenneth Tiny Growlist!@

    Hi everyone I live in a typical lowland climate and grow mostly lowlanders....More plants Anyways heres my growlist. Nepenthes Species .Nepenthes Albomarginata Penang Red(17.11.2008) .Nepenthes Bicalcarata .Nepenthes Lady pauline(17.11.2008) .Nepenthes Rafflesiana(Green with purple speckle)...
  18. rco911

    I am feeling "light headed..." (photos)

    Isn’t it crazy how time flies? With autumn here it’s really gotten me (and my plants) “light headed”! Hope you enjoy these few photos of some of my plants!! note: Just wanted to drop in special thank you to all of you who have inspired me in this obsession of growing CP - you know who y'all...
  19. muscipula59

    Muscipula59 grwolist

    Hi all, here my growlist Cephalotus Cephalotus Follicularis Dionaea Dionaea Muscipula Typical Dionaea Muscipula "All Green" Dionaea Muscipula "Akai Ryu" Dionaea Muscipula "Giant" Drosera Petiolaris Drosera Paradoxa Drosera Pigmea Drosera Callistos Drosera Enodes Drosera...
  20. F

    frogsintn2 growlist as of 11/07 Tenn - USA

    frogsintn2 growlist as of 9-5-08 Pinguicula P. 'Aphrodite' P. 'Apasionada' P. jaumavensis P. emarginata x cyclosecta P. gypsicola x moctezumae P. 'Weser' P. gigantea x moctezumae P. moranensis P. gigantea P. ehlersiae P gracilis x moctezumae Sarracenia S. alata "Pinstripe" "typical" Texas...