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    Rubra's growlist

    Updated 21.3.06 Sarracenia alata - Big Thicket National Reserve, TX - seedlings leucophylla - Flytrap Company oreophila mixed forms - seedlings - Steve Millar purpurea ssp. purpurea var. burkei - seedlings - Pyro purpurea ssp. purpurea var. burkei - Crestview, Okaloosa Co. FL - Ivan Snyder...
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    Alexis vallance's growlist

    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>Dionaea muscipula (venus flytrap)</span></span> Typical, upright Typical, rosetted Typical, upright, big traps Red Dragon Green Dragon Clayton's Volcanic Red Royal Red Blood Red Australian Red Rosette Fine Tooth x Red...
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    Pics from today

    a 1 yr. old (leuco x alata) x flava.  by far, this particular seedling has outgrown everything else that sprouted last year: a pleasant surprise.  my wife's grandma dug up some pink ladyslippers for me last year.  stuck 'em in a pot with some Sarracenia with no expectations.  surprised to see...
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    Year of the 1st-time flowers

    Went through my collection yesterday and was amazed at how many first-time bloomers I will have this spring. Usually I get a few every year, but I was shocked at what I saw this year. Many of them were from plants I got last year, so it's an added bonus. Off the top of my head here's what I saw...
  5. S


    Last year I had the opertunity to grow scorpiodes from gemmae, unfortunately while on vacation in the spring, it got neuked! So I'd really like to get this again, does anyone have any gemmae for sale or trade? I would also like to trade for other pygmies, and being as I have none, I'm open to...
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    Seed trades

    I don't have enough seed to give any away, but I would like to trade for: leuco forms/colours, and other interesting hybrids. for sundews that are going to mature over 1" preferably larger, or ones that don't need dormancy. As you can see, I'm not too specific. PM me and let me know what you...
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    Pics iii

    S. minor x rubra rubra S. psittacina x swaniana Unknown hybrid from UNCC. Looks a lot like a mitchelliana. Unknown hybrids from UNCC. Looks like a formosa and a wrigleyana. An old unknown I've had for a long time. Probably a popei. has dark orange flowers. S. 'willisii' x mitchelliana
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    Pics i

    S. x catesbaei S. flava x mitchelliana S. leucophylla x oreophila (clone 1) S. leucophylla x oreophila (clone 2) S. (rubra x oreophila) x catesbaei
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    2004 sarracenia seed giveaway

    I am planning another big seed giveaway, like I did last fall. Here are the crosses I did for this year. Look for the seed giveaway around October.... Female plant listed first: purpurea x flava ornata - selfed flava var. flava x (purpurea x flava ornata) [(oreophila x purpurea) x leucophylla]...
  10. M

    Beginner sarracenia?

    Hi all! I'm planning on getting myself a Sarracenia or two sometime this summer. Are there any species that are more suited for a first time Sarr grower? The ones I've found so far are: S. Leucophylla, S. Farnhamii, and S. Mitchelliana. All of them are really nice, but are some easier to kill...
  11. Z

    some seeds for trade

    i have some leftover seeds from vareous trades and auctions. if i don't trade them or give them away, i would have to throw them away as i already sowed most of these. i am interested in anything that i don't have, so try me. if you don't have anything to trade, i would gladely give it to you...
  12. S

    A few pics i just took

    'Hummer's Hammerhead' (excellens x readii) on the left, (oreophila x 'willisii&#39 in the middle, and a newly opened (excellens x mitchelliana) on the right. Something I got from Home Depot a month ago. Not sure exactly what it is. It wasn't labelled when I got it. Thought it was leucophylla...
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    This year's crosses

    Here is a list of crosses I did this year. Seed I don't keep for myself will be made available to members of this forum come fall. Mardi Gras - selfed (something chewed into the ovary a little, so time will tell if I end up with any seed from this) rubra gulfensis x moorei - selfed moorei...
  14. Y

    Sarracenias photo

    Sarracenias mitchelliana and, on the right is a pitcher of catesbaei Hope you like it
  15. Y

    Sarra mitchelliana flowers

    Hi all This photo was taken in april and i hope you'll enjoy it [IMG]http://home.petflytrap.com/yonnil/mitchelliana.jpg[IMG]
  16. S

    Sarracenia Flowers

    I suppose most peoples Sarracenias are flowering about now. But not me! Since I grow mine outside in Missouri, they take a little while to finally get into gear for the year. My tallest stalks are only around 4" so far, and many are just breaking out of the rhizome. I was planning on doing a...