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  1. raycer491

    raycer491's Growlist

    Things I've got Drosera: admirabilis affinis “Namibia” allantostigma alicea "silvermine (?)", strap-leaf form anglica “Alakai Swamp” x "Andromeda (BCP cross of D. prolifera x schizandra) binata "Waihohonu Desert" burmannii: Humpty-Doo, Hann River, Hong Kong Red capensis "big pink", red...
  2. C

    Cory' grow list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  3. Victoria

    Looking for Sarracenia and VFT's

    I am looking for some more Sarrs as well as some VFT's as I dont have any in my bog and I think they would be a nice addition. I can send pics upon request, just dont have time to upload them all right now. So....here is what I have for trade: P. gracilis x moctezumae P. agnata "true blue" P...
  4. Apollonian

    Apollonian's Indoor Collection

    This is where I'll post about my indoor collection. I decided to be so public with it because I am very serious about making it better (all within means of course!). I recently lost a great many of my older plants, though a few decade + ones survived my year off at university. As I plan on...
  5. Apollonian

    Apollonian's Grow List

    Cephalotus follicularis Dionaea "red sawtooth" Drosera affinis binata 'waihohonu desert' burmanii capensis typical, broad, and red filliformis ssp. filliformis intermedia madagascariensis multifida 'extrema' occidentalis x pulchella regia rupicola sessifolia spathulata Nepenthes bicalcarata...
  6. Rookie grower

    Rookie Growers list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  7. J

    Grow List

    Grow List (Plants With T Available For Trade) CEPHALOTUS Czech Giant - T Emu Point Giant German Giant Hummers Giant - T Phill Mann Clone Robust - T Typical - T Vigorous DARLINGTONIA Coastal Variety Mountain Variety - T Othello (All Green) DIONAEA A2 B-52 - T Big Mouth Bohemian...
  8. Z

    zacher93's growlist/tradelist!

    Sarracenia: S. Purpurea ssp. venosa S. Rubra ssp. rubra x2 S. leucophylla X (S. oreophila X S. minor) (in cold stratification) Drosera: D. Capensis D. Capensis "alba" D. Spatulata x6 D. Binata x2 D. Binata "multifida" D. Adalae x3 D. Roseana D. Burmanii (germinating) D. Intermedia "cuba"...
  9. richjam1986

    richjam1986's growlist

    Here's my growlist, as far as I can remember. The dates are purchase/order arrival dates (if I can remember) Everything with an asterisk before it (*) is up for possible trade, or may be in the relatively near future. Cephalotus: young mature plant with two growth points. Early spring 2011...
  10. thepyro

    First Flower

    This will be my first flower from a nepenthes! My N. x kohala: The Flower: Anyone have any ideas on if it's male or female?
  11. ellisonk001

    Fresh Nepenthes Seeds

    I just harvested N x Kohala hybrid seeds. I have far more than I need so I would like to offer them up for SASE. In order to pass these along as equitably as possible only sign up for one packet of seeds. Additionally, please don’t sign up if you have won one of my other recent give aways...
  12. ellisonk001

    ellisonk001's (Keith's) Growlist

    NEPENTHES: adrianii alata alata (Q) x truncata alata boschiana mimic alata Pink alata variegata alata x khashiana alata x truncata alba albomarginata albomarginata albomarginata - Penang Red albomarginata - Red albomarginata Green albomarginata Red Gunung Jerai albomarginata Red Speckled...
  13. dsrtfox1942

    Nep. Kohala for trade

    I have a nice seed grown Nep Kohala up for trade. Kohala is a complicated cross of (N.kampotiana X maxima) X (N. fusca X veitchii) by Sam Estes in Hawaii. I have seen some variation in the pitchers this plant has produced thus far. The peristome starts almost a chartreuse then turns deep red...
  14. dsrtfox1942

    Live sphagnum for trade

    I just got a huge box full of moss from mass and have about 3/4 of a gallon or more of live LFS for trade. I asked mass if it was ok to put up for trade and he said it is fine. I don't want to see it go to waste as I have used up all I can for now. It is a mix of what mass describes as fat head...
  15. S

    Lack of pitchers, lots of basals

    Is it an indication that my plants are under some sort of stress? The plants I'm having trouble with are n. singalana and a "kohala" (kampotiana x maxima) x (fusca x veitchii). The singalana produced a basal about five months ago while making pitchers like crazy, since then it hasn't produced...
  16. turkeypig

    Things that i want and have, as of the time of writing...

    BEFORE YOU PM ME, READ THE BELOW MESSAGE!!! Plants marked with * in the "got list" are ones i am willing to trade. If there are no "*" shown, then there are no plants i am willing to trade at the moment. NOW THAT YOU'VE READ THE ABOVE MESSAGE, YOU CAN DECIDE FOR YOURSELF IF YOU WANT TO PM...
  17. F

    Couple Nep pitchers

    Edit: Can a mod please move this, I accidentally placed it in the wrong sub-forum. Thanks N. bicalcarata N. sanguinea x truncata N. truncata N. x 'Kohala'
  18. F

    Nep pics

    N. splendiana x truncata N. gracilis nigropurpurea N. sanguinea x truncata N. mirabilis 'Hot Lips' N. bicalcarata starting to show some fangs N. khasiana N. 'Kohala' N. truncata N. rafflesiana BE-99 N. ampullaria from seed N. mirabilis x X 'Tiger'
  19. dustin

    Dustin's grow list

    Dustin's grow/trade/wanted list I just started back up here's a quick Grow list :) * Willing to Trade, for the right offers i may be more flexible. Nepenthes *(1) N. Ventricosa (1) N. Truncata (d) red flush EP *(10+) N. Ventrata (1) N. splendiana x veitchii (1) N. ventricosa 'black lips x...
  20. xvart

    Some more Nepenthes pictures

    As I've mentioned in a few other threads, I haven't been taking care of my plants as well as I would like because I've been so busy with my job over the past two months. I think there was a period of two to three weeks where I didn't water. Many of my smaller Nepenthes lost most (if not all) of...