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  1. NotMyRealName

    Looking to trade neps. for neps.

    Hi. I'm looking to trade some nepenthes plants for some lowland or intermediate/lowland nepenthes plants. What I have to offer: N. Ampullaria x Ventricosa "Lady Luck" 17 inch leaf span N. Spathulata x Campanulata 7 inch leaf span with 2 pitchers N. Spathulata x Diatas 8 inch leaf span with...
  2. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes edwardsiana - Seed Grown, Mt. Kinabalu For Trade

    I'm looking to trade a Seed Grown Nepenthes edwardsiana - Mt. Kinabalu for: Nepenthes argentii - Seed Grown or larger established plant Nepenthes hamata "Red Hairy" - Larger established plant Nepenthes klossii The plant up for trade is NOT a tiny seedling. Will also consider other SERIOUS...
  3. mato

    Looking for N. klossii

    As the title implies, I'm looking for N. klossii. If anyone has a spare or one they'd consider parting with, I have some nice, unique species (many from seed) that may pique your interest.
  4. Dexenthes

    Seed available for trade.

    Hello everyone I still have some seed available for trade of the following Nepenthes: N. attenboroughii +++ Undescribed Nepenthes related to N. ventricosa and N. sibuyanensis ++ N. cecliae x pulchra + The + signs indicate generally how much of the seed I have to trade of. Please make your...
  5. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes hybrids for trade

    Nepenthes burbidgea x platychila Nepenthes ventricosa x ephippiata Both plants are over 12" across and are very fast and robust growers. I'm looking for: Nepenthes : alata - Surigao albomarginata - Penang angasanensis appendiculata argentii - SG argentii - BCP Clones carunculata...
  6. J

    N. klossii cultivation

    Hi all, Was just wondering what peoples experiences with N. klossii were? Been growing mine for some time now and it's probably about 8-10cm diameter, but the slowest growing nep I've ever had (except for villosa in the summer). The cultivation requirements are supposed to be similar to N...
  7. Jeremiah Harris

    N. attenboroughii Seeds For Trade

    Hello, I have a few packs of N. attenboroughii seed for trade. Emails only (No Private Messages PM) to jeremiah@leilaninepenthes.com Here is a list of the species of Nepenthes I currently don't grow. Obviously they are pretty tuff to come by but all reasonable trade offers will be considered...
  8. pebes

    Pebes' Growlist

    Nepenthes N argentii N aristolochiodes (sg,♂) N attenboroughii (sg) N diatas (AW) N edwardsiana (AW) N edwardsiana (sg) N ephippiata (AW) N glabrata (BE) N gymnamphora- singgalang (AW) N hamata ♂ (AW) N klossii (BE, clone 2) N Khasiana N lowii -(seed) N nigra (sg) N pervillei (sg) N rajah...
  9. Dexenthes

    Looking for to do some tradin', maybe.

    I'm feeling a little antsy and I'm also running out of space. I know I will need to get rid of some plants soon so I figured I would throw it out there already and see if there are any biters. I have very limited space and this is really the beginning of me down-sizing my entire collection so...
  10. pygo

    Nepenthes klossii

    Hi all, my klossii is arrived this morning :boogie::boogie::boogie:
  11. Heli

    HeliLovers grow List :D

    On the hunt for Nepenthes edwardsiana, if you have any for trade please let me know I am always interested in trades, hit me up with an offer I have currently: Fly trap D. "B52" Sarracenia: S. flava S. flava "Coppertop" S. alata x rubra S. leucophylla S. minor S. oreophila ~sg~ S. purpurea S...
  12. mksmith

    Nepenthes Attitudinal Distribution Chart

    I set up a simple table with most all Nepenthes species broken into the five common categories; ultra-lowland, lowland, intermediate, highland, and ultra-highland. I have based the placement on altitudinal distribution mostly. I also have temperature range at the top of each category. Maybe...
  13. G

    Gea8579 aka Geoff's growlist

    sundews D. spatulata D. capensis Pings P. cyclosecta P. esseriana P. primuliflora Byblis B. liniflora Cephalotus C. follicularis typical Nepenthes N. ampullaria 'Brunei Red' N. argentii N. bicalcarata N. burbidgeae N. ephippiata N. hamata N. izumiae N. mirabilis echinostoma N...
  14. Jeremiah Harris

    Looking for Nepenthes Species

    Hello all, I finally have the room and environment to try and grow just about every species of Nepenthes. If you have any extra of any of the following please let me know. Please email me at jeremiahsplants@comcast.net N. alba N. andamana N. angasanensis N. beccariana N. chang N. danseri N...
  15. Dexenthes

    Dexenthes' Grow List.

    *Actively available for trade ~ Negotiable for trade If there is no symbol following the name then the plant is not for trading and cannot be negotiated for. (Except with offers of N. argentii or N. edwardsiana, Triphyophyllum, etc.) Begonia bogneri Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia...
  16. swords

    large format printer (unopened) for a cool Nep?

    I'm getting rid of all my collected "stuff", books, rare/weird toys (unopened), statues, etc. and remodelling so I can have room for lots of terrariums again. Well I have this large format HP printer I bought in 2005 for $300 or so that prints full color on paper up to 13" x 20". I never had...
  17. swords

    Swords' growlist

    2011 GROWLIST NEPENTHES SEEDLINGS (germinated in 2011) N. inermis N. beccarriana N. neoguineensis N. rafflesiana var. alata N. pectinata N. maxima miniature, Lake Poso form LOWLAND PLANTS N. alata (t) form N. albomarginata red seed grown (2) N. bellii x northiana N. bellii x thorelii x...
  18. RL7836

    New Nep books

    This info came across the VCPS listserver & even though it comes across as blatant spam, anyone who has seen some of his other books & enjoys Nepenthes will cough up the bucks ... The email also had 21 beautiful color pics of Neps - however, I don't know how to share those pics w/o hosting each...
  19. Capslock

    Random February pics!

    Hey! Here are some pics taken yesterday: N. sp. Langkawi N. thorelii x aristolochioides. I think ths hybrid looks a lot like N. klossii: N. spectabilis x ventricosa: Here's why growing from seed is fun: these are two from the same batch of seed. N. campanulata x (spectabilis x...
  20. Clint

    My thoughts on clay and Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

    Yes. Clay. I love this stuff. I have noticed that in pots where I use 50% arcillite, 25% LFS, and 25% bark & charcoal as the medium, with a 1/4th inch top dressing of Sphagnum, I can have near-instantaneous drainage , however, it has been my experience that it does not dry out any faster than...