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I'm feeling a little antsy and I'm also running out of space. I know I will need to get rid of some plants soon so I figured I would throw it out there already and see if there are any biters. I have very limited space and this is really the beginning of me down-sizing my entire collection so I am extremely specific about the plants I am looking for.

Nepenthes I am looking for:

1.) N. argentii (Healthy, largish BE clone, or seed-grown, or cutting from seed-grown, basically anything other than AW, which I already have.)
2.) N. aristolochioides (at least larger than 3 inches in diameter)
3.) N. glandulifera
4.) N. "Red Hairy Hamata"
5.) N. edwardsiana
6.) N. undulatifolia :)lol:)
7.) N. klossii :)-)))

Other rare and enticing species or hybrids of the same caliber as those listed above I would also consider.

Other things I'm looking for:

D. regia (mature, full-grown, not a seedling or cutting or rooted cutting)
Rare Utricularia (campbelliana, nelumbifolia, etc)
Cool or neat Genlisea that I don't grow
Large plants of S. purpurea ssp. purpurea that have been grown and raised in cold climate
Maybe some kind of neat Heliamphora that's not on my grow list
Triphyophyllum :jester:
Multiple, large, healthy, hardy VFT cultivars (except wacky, dente, sharktooth, stuff like that)

What I would offer to trade for the right plant:

N. eymae x (x trusmadiensis)
N. QoS x KoS
N. ventricosa x hamata
N. glandulifera x boschiana
N. clipeata x (clipeata x eymae)
N. spectabilis x aristolochioides
Currently unrooted cuttings of N. spectabilis x talangensis

I know my wants are kind of unrealistic, and I'm in no hurry at the moment. :-D
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Last call - really looking especially for:

N. argentii
N. aristolochioides

Large D. regia
Multiple large healthy VFT cultivars
I have a HUGE D capensis I could give you for that hairy red:p.
You interested to trade for any other plants? I have a few neps I could trade. Would love to get a cutting of your N. spectabilis x talangensis!
No problem...i'll take the robcantelyi:D.