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N. klossii cultivation

Hi all,

Was just wondering what peoples experiences with N. klossii were? Been growing mine for some time now and it's probably about 8-10cm diameter, but the slowest growing nep I've ever had (except for villosa in the summer).

The cultivation requirements are supposed to be similar to N. stenophylla, which I unfortunately do not grow.

Any thoughts on media/conditions etc would be appreciated.


Mine has been a steady grower in my freezer setup. With day temps: 70-72F and nights: 50-52F and humidity ~75%. It's around the same size as yours but the next leaf looks like it will have a jump in size now that it has settled in. It grows next to my edwardsiana and grows a leaf every month or 2 (way faster than villosa which gets around 4 leaves/year). It would probably grow faster if I fed them more often.

Here's mine from my pic thread:


This is a couple of weeks after i got the plant. it had sizable increases in size with each new leaf.


It is has roughly doubled in size since i got it about 6 months ago.

it seems to like it a bit on the warm side. 60° nights and 85° days. it gets plenty of ventilation as it sits directly in front of the fan.
for me its one of the easiest nepenthes. i got it feb, it was the size of a coin, and now its putting pitchers out of the 5' pot. humidity-70-80% temp- day:max 26 night: 14
sprayed once a week, fed once a month. the pitchers are relatively short lived.. media- cocpeat + cocohusk + perlite + sphagnum...
Any new pictures? ^^