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I have a few packs of N. attenboroughii seed for trade.

Emails only (No Private Messages PM) to jeremiah@leilaninepenthes.com

Here is a list of the species of Nepenthes I currently don't grow. Obviously they are pretty tuff to come by but all reasonable trade offers will be considered.

N. hurrelliana
N. junghuhnii
N. klossii
N. lamii
N. lingulata
N. mapuluensis
N. masoalensis
N. micramphora
N. palawanensis
N. paniculata
N. peltata
N. pilosa
N. pitopangii
N. tenax

hurrelliana is still on your want list, imagine that.
Is there any light at the end of the tunnel as far as hurrelliana goes?
AW has peltata in stock now mt. hamiguitan 40 euro
i think that useful information is worth little seeds :0o:
i wish :jester:
well whoever gets those seeds will be pretty darn lucky
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Got seedlings of N. lingulata growing, but sadly it will be a couple years before they're ready to trade.
Well we have tenax but dont know if its cuttable yet, its from ep i emailed you