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  1. B

    Droseras for Trade

    These plants are avaialble for trade in multiple quantities. they are hardened, and good to grow outdoors / underlights. Falconeri Kenneallyi Prolifera Broomensis Paradoxa Drysdale Paradoxa Kimberly Paradoxa Stem Forming Derbyensis...
  2. jimscott

    A few more...

    D. callistos D. dielsiana? D. paradoxa Bomford? D. petiolaris D. hartmeyerorum D. kenealleyi D. falconeri D. prolifera D. capensis red D. sargenti D. microscapa D. jacobyi D. Lake Carburup
  3. trek623

    Drosophyllum finally sprouted!

    Not much to look at right now, but I'm still excited. This one took two months to germinate and I have a few left still germinating, but I doubt any will pop up. I scarified half of them and didn't do anything to the other half, and this one was scarified, so if you get drosophyllum seeds, I...
  4. Cindy

    D. hartmeyerorum (TC)

    I am using sand/peat (4:1) mix. This is fully hardened to my balcony conditions but I lost a couple when the weather suddenly turned hot and dry just for one day. Try and spot the yellow glands!
  5. aaddaam

    Drosera hartmeyerorum

    if any one has any of these seeds p.m. me and we will talk about trading.
  6. Cindy

    My new TC plants

    I deflasked a number of plants lately but these are the first to be hardened and growing. D. hartmeyerorum - putting out its first dewy leaf barely a week after being deflasked P. filifolia - so cute looking very much like a sundew, I can't wait to see how it looks when it is larger
  7. Nepfreak

    the coolest dews you've never heard of

    I was checking out the sundew section of Bob Z's photo finder and found a ton of species that I've never even heard of, particularly south american species. Here are some of the better ones I found. Drosera arenicola, from South Venezuela...
  8. aaddaam

    my wishlist

    if anyone has any of these plants or seeds for trade please pm me. roridula dentata(pants or seed) roridula with location data drosophyllum with location data any pygmy drosera that i dont have dark nepenthes tuncata will trade big( doubtful anyone will trade me 1) D. adelae- "white flower"...
  9. S

    My small but growing list

    My main interest is to have in my collection, every last known pinguicula so if you have one not on my grow list let me know. Beyond my Ping obsession i have very good luck with petiolaris and tuberous drosera and would like to enlarge my collection of them too. I always have lots of nepenthes...
  10. C


    Hi, Wonderful Collection addition! Perfect seedling size for shipping and adding to your collection. These hate root disturbance and I will send a carefully packed vigorously growing and super healthy seedling for the winner! I will also pay for the shipping to help your auction. Thanks for...
  11. elgecko

    What do you grow as windowsill plants?

    I made this list up for another thread of what I grow as windowsill plants. I was curious what plants others grow this way. When I first started to grow CP's, I also thought you had to have high humidity. My first tank has water in the bottom of it all the time to keep the humidity up. The top...
  12. C

    D. hartmeyerorum seed

    Where does everyone get there D. hartmeyerorum seed? They seem pretty elusive to me. Chris
  13. Q

    Nepenthes hirsuta x n. tobaica seed available

    I've just collected some fresh lowland hybrid seed - unfortunately all I had to cross my female N. hirsuta 800m Gunung Serapi was a nice looking N. tobaica. Trade only for any interesting Drosera or Ping seed...would be keen on any South American Drosera, D. hartmeyerorum, any tuberous sundew...
  14. F

    flytraps2000's growlist

    Hello everyone, here is my grow list.  Little old with some additions missing but pretty accurate. Current 2/05 additions coming soon, couple losses to. Aldrovanda ald1 Japanese form ald2 Australian red form NSW near Mertens Creek above Big Mertens Falls near Mitchel Falls, Kimberley...
  15. F

    Forbes' list

    Steve (Bugweed) was shocked and dismayed when I told him that my growlist was not online, so here it is. If interested in a plant, please feel free to contact me, preferably via email. I may not have a spare, but can always add it to my list of plants to propagate. (edited 9 21 06; quite a...
  16. Jeremiah Harris

    Jeremiah's growlist

    GrowList 2020 Jeremiah Harris Carnivorous Plant Growlist Colorado Springs CO Jeremiahsplants@comcast.net Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Brocchinia B. reducta Bybilis B. filifolia “Flowers mauve with pale lemon back”-Boulk area South Peninsular Kimberley W.A. B. liniflora Jeremiah's Cephalotus...
  17. jimscott

    Jimscott's grow list

    Please note: Many of these plants I have are only one specimen. Dionaea Muscipula: Typical DROSERA: binata indica burmannii capensis hartmeyerorum spatulata tokaiensis venusta B. liniflora Petiolaris Complex lanata falconeri derbyensis petiolaris Pygmy Sundews PINGUICULA...
  18. S

    Seans growlist-

    Here is my latest growlist- South African Drosera Drosera admirabilis Drosera admirabilis 'Ceres, RSA' Drosera admirabilis 'Palmiet River, RSA' Drosera admirabilis 'seed from holotype' Drosera affinis 'Namibia' Drosera aliciae Drosera burkeana Drosera capensis 'Mini Red' Drosera capensis...
  19. Copper

    D. nidiformis red, venusta and peltata

    Trades will come first in importance and will be sent out ASAP.   After trades I will take SASE ($2 for bubblelope or $3 small box and shipping).  If SASE - first - PM me, second - send the money, making sure to have a return addresss and a note stating which plants and what your forum name...
  20. kayaker78

    Utrics to trade

    I am looking for anything I dont have primarily utrics! Also mixican pings and drosera. I can offer small cuttings of the below species (grow list below trade list): U. dichotoma U. dichotoma (originally labeled U. monanthos) U. livida bettys beach U. livida durban U. livida merriwuk U...