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Steve (Bugweed) was shocked and dismayed when I told him that my growlist was not online, so here it is.

If interested in a plant, please feel free to contact me, preferably via email. I may not have a spare, but can always add it to my list of plants to propagate.

(edited 9 21 06; quite a few plants recently transferred to other growers)



acuminata Wistuba
agnata CSUF - not true agnata, larger hairy scented flower - collected in Mexico ('70s) by Bob Cole and Bill Cook
agnata Oaxaca
agnata University of Wisconsin
agnata “True Blue”
agnata CSUF x (moranensis x elhersae) CSUF 5954
agnata X gypsicola
agnata x moranensis x ehlersiae
ehlersai var. abiflora - BCP
‘Fraser Beauty’
'George Sargeant'
Gigantea “Phil's Giant” from Phil Faulisi
gigantea (San Bartolome de Ayautla, Oaxaca Mexico)- from Las Camelinas, A.L. #2
gigantea plants from seed
gigantea x hemiepiphitica (Site 2 #6) - made by Ed Read
gigantea x laueana - made by Ed Read
gypsicola Best CP clone
gypsicola clone not from Best CP
gypsicola x moctezumae Best CP
hemiepiphytica = Site 2 #4 - see CPN vol.8, No.2 June 1979 - from Type location, Route 175 Oaxaca, Mexico.
immaculata site 2
'John Rizzi' - from Peter D'Amato, made by hummingbird.
'Kewensis' - syn.= moranensis 'D' in lettering system of Peter D'Amato
sp. Köhres
kondoi 3 Matehuala San Luis Potosi
laueana Ed Read's clone #2
laueana 9, 10, 11, 12 GPS III
“Leo's Veined”
'L'Hautil' - P. 'Sethos' x P. moranensis "Huahuapan" - bred by L. Legendre.
moctezumae from Aldolfo
moctezumae x gigantea ER
moranensis from road up Pico de Orizaba, Vera Cruz - Mexico - from Triffid Park - seed collected by Alfred Lau
moranensis Las Minas, Vera Cruz #1, #4
moranensis "common pink flowered clone" M.L.
moranensis “D” from D'Amato
moranensis Iluahuapan
moranensis Morelia
moranensis San Louis Potosi
moranensis Santa Maria Yuchuiti
moranensis “Superba” - from Triffid Park
moranensis “Superba” x “caudata 'Hamburg'” CSUF 5952
moranensis var. alba 25km from San Cristobal, Mex
moranensis x emarginata Equilibrioapt
nivalis 8 Zaragoza
orchidioides, really P. moranensis, Linz BG
orchidioides correct ID – from Wistuba
'Pirouette' – agnata x (moranensis x ehlersai) – made by Leo Song Jr.
rotundiflora from Phil Faulisi
rectiflora Caion el Boqueron, Oaxaca
'Sethos' - Andrew Beauchamp
'Sethos' x gypsicola – BCP
sp. GPS 92B
sp. GPS 92A
sp. AL B
sp. AL E
sp. AL 13
sp. Pachuca (received spelled “pauchuca”)
sp. Sierra de Tamualipas
sp. Yucca Do 1714, 1715, 1717
'Titan' made by Leo Song Jr.

macroceras subsp. nortensis $8 Mountain Josephine Co. OR
macroceras subsp. macroceras Wallowa Mountains, Oregon
villosa Kasilof, Alaska


x beleziana = (D. rotundifolia x D. intermedia)
x beleziana “Nightmare” N.J. Pine Barrens – discovered and named by Jim Bockowski
capillaris (esmer x FL) x long arm
capillaris Pasco Giant, Pasco Co. FL x rotundifolia 'EverGrow'
capillaris Pasco Giant, Pasco Co. FL x rotundifolia 'EverGrow' – crestate form
x corinthiaca (=aliciae x glabripes)
filiformis 'California Sunset' = (D. filiformis var. filiformis x D. filiformis var. tracyi)
x hybrida = (filiformis var. filiformis x intermedia)
intermedia x (anglica CA x HI)
intermedia Mt. Roraima, Venezuela x capillaris “Long Arm”
nagamotoi fertile octoploid = (anglica HI x spatulata from NSW Australia)
x obovata 'Ivan's Paddle' tetraploid = [rotundifolia induced tetraploid from Willow Lake x anglica (CA x HI)]
rotundifolia 'EverGrow' x tokaiensis
spatulata (Gympie, Queensland Australia) X (Wentworth Falls New South Wales, Australia) X (Woronora River, NSW) IS
“x watari” = (anglica x tokaiensis) - coined by Jiro Nagamoto

North American
anglica multiple locations
brevifolia Hampstead, NC
capillaris Covington, LA
filiformis var. filiformis
filiformis var. filiformis "Giant"
filiformis var. filiformis “Red Florida” - goes dormant in cool weather
filiformis var. filiformis “Red” Golf Lake, Green Heads, Washington Co. FL. - goes dormant in cool weather
filiformis var. filiformis “All Red”
filiformis var. tracyi
filiformis var. tracyi Sumatra, Florida
filiformis var. tracyi Barry Rice's “Albino” form S.M.
intermedia St. Rosa Co., FL
x obovata multiple locations
rotundifolia multiple locations

South American
ascendens Campos do Jordao Brazil
ascendens Sao Goncalo do Rio Preto, Minas Gerais state, SE Brazil
communis Diamantina
hirtella Moeda
meristocaulis Neblina
tomentosa Pico do Itabira, Bahia, Brazil

Australian (and from surrounding areas)
adelae Peach-Orange Flower Botanique clone
binata “var. dichotoma” (self fertile)
binata “var. dichotoma” 'Giant'
binata 'Marston Dragon'
binata “var. multifida”
binata “var.multifida f.extrema”
binata “small form” - heavily branching dwarf plant S.M.
burmannii Beerwah, QLD
hartmeyerorum NT Australia
indica Narrabri, NSW Australia
spatulata Ahipara N.Z.
aff. peltata Jamieson, VIC
peltata var foliosa Albion Bog
spatulata Blackdown Tablelands, QLD
spatulata Cranbourne, VIC
spatulata Tamboon Inlet, VIC

aff. brevicornis Mt. Fife, Kimberley
broomensis Coulomb Point, 60 km N. of Broome, Kimberley
caduca “Pink Flower” Mt. Elizabeth, Kimberley
derbyensis Beverley Springs, Kimberley, WA
derbyensis Erskine Ranges, Kimberley. WA
dilatato-petiolaris Nhulunbay, Arnhemland, NT
falconeri (2 clones)
fulva Howard River, NT
“Laddle” (by Sean Samia)
ordensis Lake Argyle, Kimberley
aff. ordensis "wide leaf" Kingston Rest Kimberley, WA
ordensis Mirama Neal x ordensis TP UK Seed, 2005 – by Homer League
ordensis Mirama Neal x paradoxa NE – by Homer League
paradoxa N.E.
paradoxa 100 Kilometers North of Drysdale River Station
paradoxa “Swamp Form” Theda Station, Kimberley
petiolaris Sean Samia clone
petiolaris Mike Wilder clones
petiolaris Travis Wyman clone
petiolaris “All Red”
petiolaris site #2 Lockhart River, N. Queensland

South African
admirabilis Palmiet River, RSA
affinis Namibia
glabripes Hermanus
longiscapa species nova Debbert
madagascariensis “Botswana”

tokaiensis Albion Bog
vesiculosa Girraween NT AUS


Auyan Tepui

Cephalotus follicularis
D.Tran clone
Triffid Park TC clone
Albany - from Phill Mann seeds
'Hummer's Giant' M.Lu
'Hummer's Giant' R. Lane
Giant clone from the BACPS

Dionaea muscipula
Albion Bog – from the introduced population
“All Green” - R. Lane VFT #5
“Big Jaws F2” R.
Bob Ziemer's typical clone – purchased in 1955 in Berkeley
“Carolina Red Trap” - R. Lane VFT#2
'Clumping Cultivar' (supposedly) K.S.
“Creeping Death”
“Crested Petiole” Carn. Plant Nursery
“Cup Trap”
'Dentate Traps' – direct from Agristarts
“Dingley's Giant”
“Dingley Red/Purple” R. Lane VFT #1
'Fused Tooth' - R. Lane VFT#7
Hosford, FL – seed-grown from material collected from the naturalized population
'Jaws' x 'Petite Dragon' (pollen from R.Z. California Carnivores clone of 'Red Dragon'; plants from 2002 crossing) by Bob Ziemer
“Prostrate” - Phong Nguyen's clumping clone
'Petite Dragon' R.Z.
'Red Dragon' – direct from Agristarts
'Red Piranha' - E.R.
'Sawtooth' - R. Lane VFT#9
“SB #1” or “B 1” – Brad Adler's favorite Dionaea clone – from Santa Barbara
“typical” - seed-grown and TC
“Wacky Traps”

aurea (Itacambira, Northern MG, Brazil) Equilibrio
filiformis (Chapada dos Guimaraes, Matto Grosso, Brazil) Equilibrio
hispidula (Mtikambati, Africa) [UCD B99.333]
hispidula “pink flower” D.D.
lobata x violacea “Giant”
sp."giant violacea" Itacambira, Minas Gerais, Brazil N.E.

heterdoxa x nutans
ionasii Bill Baumgartl

ventricosa “red”

alata "Red/Black" originally purchased from Andrew Marshall J.R.
alata Covington, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana M. H.
alata Pitcher Plant Trail, Big Thicket National Park, Tyler County, FL – seeds collected (with permit) by Justin J. Zak
alata St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana S.M.
alata Stone Co., Mississippi
alata Tyler Co., TX
flava Leah Wilkerson Bog
flava var. atropurpurea (all red), Cooks Bayou, Bay County, FL- plant originally purchased from P. Sheridan – R. Lane Sar #43
flava var. atropurpurea “red” originally from Kim Magnusen (Tristan's Cp's) in Hawaii P.E.
flava var. cupurea
flava var. cupurea - R. Lane Sar #46
flava var. maxima
flava var. ornata - from NC - “Heavy Veins” (vertical lid) – seed from Phil Wilson – R. Lane Sar #41
flava var. rubricorpora Liberty Co., FL
flava var. rubricorpora Apalachicola, Florida
flava var rugellii Moultrie, GA
flava var. rugellii Apalachicola, Florida
flava var. rugellii Cooks Bayou, Bay County, FL S.M.
flava infra-varietal var. ornata/var. rugellii - DJ Frank clone
flava “Veined”
leucophylla “Dark Red”
leucophylla Leah Wilkerson Bog
leucophylla 'Schnell's Ghost'
leucophylla 'Tarnok'
leucophylla Washington Co, AL
minor Clay Co., FL S.M.
minor Long Co., GA
minor “tall and lanky” UC Davis B94.034
minor Wayne County, Georgia S. M.
oreophila clones 1 and 2: originally purchased from Andrew Marshal J.R.
oreophila – green, lightly veined – Dekalb Co., AL – Seed from Phil Wilson – R. Lane Sar #30 clone #1
oreophila "Heavily Veined" originally from Dustin Truesdell (nepenthes gracilis) J.R.
oreophila “Moderately Veined”
oreophila Sand Mountain, AL D.E.
oreophila WIP
psittacina Bay Co., FL - SPS – 9816 W 000406 seed x Po30112
psittacina Calhoun Co., FL SPS – 22 x P031130
psittacina “coppery coloration”
psittacina Giant Form from UCD, collected by Berry Rice – S.M.
psittacina Leah Wilkerson Bog
psittacina Liberty Co., FL
psittacina Liberty Co., FL “Giant”
psittacina near Citronelle, Washington Co., FL
psittacina “reddish coloration”
purpurea subsp. purpurea Bergen Swamp, New York collected by Pat Coan of the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society - Laura O'Neal clone from seedpod #2
purpurea subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla H. League – originally from Karen Oudean of Oudean's Willow Creek Nursery
purpurea subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla UCD
purpurea subsp. venosa
purpurea subsp. venosa 'Brunswick Beauty'
purpurea subsp. venosa Chipola River, FL - Dean Cook
purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkei – seeds from Travis Wyman
purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkei Bay Co., FL
purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkei “Big Momma” - Don Elkins' giant clone
purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkei Crestview, Okaloosa County, FL. Radio Tower site
purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkei Mobile Co., FL
purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkei near Seminole, Baldwin Co., AL
purpurea subsp. venosa var. montana “NC Mountain” (from McCloure Bog, Henderson County, NC according to Steve Millar) H. League – originally from Andrew Marshall at Cascade Carnivores
rubra “Long Lid”
rubra subsp. alabamensis (2003 ICPS plant distribution) [AL001]
rubra subsp. alabamensis Chilton Co., AL – Seed from Cherryhill – Cherryhill code: sra-01 – R. Lane clone #1 - R. Lane Sar #51
rubra subsp. gulfensis, Crestview, Okaloosa County, FL. Radio Tower site
30 degrees 42.679 North
086 degrees 34.290 West
rubra subsp. jonessii
rubra subsp. jonessii UCD B2001.073
rubra subsp. wherryi Baldwin County, Alabama
rubra subsp. wherryi “Stocky Form” Escambia County, near Atmore, Alabama
rubra subsp. wherryi “Typical”

purpurea veinless red flower x purpurea veinless yellow flower
burkei x rosea (=burkei x burkei IMO) by Phil Faulisi
flava var. rugellii x flava var. cupurea by Andy Collins
(minor var. okefenokensis x oreophila) x (S. x moorei “Brooks Hybrid”) hybrid code S. x 20 x S. x 01 by Aidan M. Selwyn
oreophila x minor

Stylidium– carnivorous?

alpina N.E., J.H.
alpina x endresii
asplundii S.S.
humboldtii Cerro Neblina
nelumbifolia T.M.
nephrophylla T.M.
reniformis 'Big Sister' (“large form”) M.L.
reniformis 'Enfant Terrible' (“small form”) D.D.
uniflora J.H.